Two Worlds Collide

There’s a lot you don’t know about The Beauty Bug. For starters – She’s quite the gamer. Ever since She can remember, She’s loved video games (although She had Her stint with Sega Genesis, She’s always been a Nintendo kind of girl). She has fond memories of playing Adventure Island all night until She just couldn’t keep Her eyes open anymore, and then She’d pause it and continue to play in the morning. Then She moved on to Super Nintendo and was hooked on Aladdin. And now it’s the new Nintendo DS Lite. But never did her world of Nintendo games, and Her world of skin care and cosmetics collide…until now.

Taken from an AP article…

“Dream Skincare” is part of recent efforts by Nintendo Co. to attract newcomers to gaming. Until recently, the gaming crowd has largely been young men fond of shooting and sports games. Players input their daily body temperature and weight by marking a graph that shows up on the touch panel, according to Konami Corp., which made the software. The beauty navigation software asks questions that the player answers such as skin tone and smoothness, as well as exposure to sunlight and hours of sleep. Advice on a daily regimen for healthy skin pops up on the screen, including directions to drink more water, or to eat apples and ginger, food that had a reputation for warming up the body. Hormonal balance is key for avoiding wrinkles and age spots, and body temperature and weight fluctuations are good indicators for any hormone swings, which can get awry from overwork and stress.

Unfortunately, as of now, this game is only available in Japan – but The Beauty Bug is confident that a version of it will make its way over here to the States. Until then, She’ll stick with Mario and Brain Age!

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