MAC C-Shock


File this under:

So completely wrong.
Suitable for only a clown.
Impossible to wear.
Perfect for Halloween or other costume parties.
Stunningly horrific (and by the The Beauty Bug means, it’s so bad you can’t take your eyes off of it)
Wouldn’t even wear it on a dare.

Now, let’s ask the guys what they think about MAC’s new collection:

“The colors remind me of a parrot.”
“Looks like she’s going to do a war-dance – maybe she’s an extra from Braveheart?”
“Did she just have a blue-raspberry slurpee?

OK, The Beauty Bug has made her point.

MAC’s marketing states: “Not for style wimps, fashion wusses, or the tone-timid (or for any sane person who has some sense of style)”

Don’t get The Beauty Bug wrong, most of the time She’s the president of the MAC fan club, but She’s embarrassed by this collection. Of course the model in the picture above is more for arts sake, but what it comes down to is that it’s just not wearable. Period.

The most outrageous element in the collection is the blue lipstick. The only place that it may be suitable for is the runway, and even then it evetambourinecshock1.jpg would be a struggle to make it look flattering. The lipsticks and the eye shadows are almost like conversation pieces – items placed on a coffee table or in bathroom to spark interest, but never intended to be taken seriously.

So, can this collection be worn at all? Individual pieces, if anything – although in case you couldn’t tell, The Beauty Bug wouldn’t be caught dead in any of the eye shadows or lipsticks. But, to take the collection down to the consumer level, MAC and Eve have partnered up once again, and Eve is wearing select colors from the collection in her new video. Brilliant marketing. While she can pull it off and get away with it because she has her own makeup artist, and it’s appropriate for flashy, glitzy video shoots, The Beauty Bug still maintains her stance. Surely, this collection won’t sell out as most of MAC’s collections do. And one last tip, if you must wear any of the elements from this collection, take a hint from what the guys said, and don’t wear it out on a date!

If nothing else, at least MAC is true to their word – the line is without a doubt “shocking”.

6 Responses to MAC C-Shock

  1. The Beauty Bug Boyfriend

    Actually that might do really well with the “Birthday Party Clown” market. As long as there are no adverse reactions to balloons and large shoes they *might* sell like hotcakes!

  2. Kia

    if they really wanted this to sell, using that promo pic wasn’t the best way to go about it. actually, go bananas, fab and flashy and wondergrass are very wearable/ user friendly. you’d be surprised at how sheer the blue e/s is especially with a fluffy shader brush. i’m a fan of color, so naturally i like the collection… oh BB you’ve gotta check out overrich l/s (soft metallic coral)and lil sizzler lip gelee.. it’s so beautiful! ahhhhhh

  3. The Beauty Bug

    Thanks for the reassurance Kia, but The Beauty Bug is saving her $ for the many other collections that MAC will release this summer that She will just have to have.

  4. Laura

    If I wear these colors in their full potential, does that make me a clown??? ‘Cause if thats what insinuating about us “clowns”, then you know where you can stick it….!

  5. Kristen

    I agree with Kia – these colors are surprisingly wearable….not all at once (as in the pic) and in small doses (a little eyeshadow worn as liner; a swipe of the lipstick…). I think it’s a refreshing change from the neutral-toned, nude makeup we’ve been seeing for so long.

  6. HomeSpaGoddess

    Another thing about these colors is that the darker your complexion, the more subtle the color – if applied lightly.

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