Don’t Leave Home Without It…

The Beauty Bug is proud to say that’s She’s finally an official Sephora Insider. The long-awaited program finally hit the Sephora stores here in Boston and The Beauty Bug went to pick up Her Insider card at a local store. It’s basically a buyer rewards program – the more you spend, the more free gifts you get. With every $100 you spend, you receive a free deluxe sample. And believe The Beauty Bug when She tells you that purchases there add up faster than She can apply a coat of lip-gloss.

The online component is seamless and easy – you can even track all of your purchases, both in-store and online, but something tells The Beauty Bug having an online record of all the damage She did in Sephora can’t be good. She just wants to shop, but never wants to know how much She spent in total!

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  1. Lydia

    I’ve been an insider for a while now. Don’t you love that red insider card with the mirror on the back? Love it!

    It’s a little depressing to think of how many freebies I’ve received from them because that just means I’ve spent too much money there. *sigh* At least you get a free gift on your birthday!

    Welcome aboard. :)

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