Just to clarify, FTW stands for “for the win”. The Beauty Bug knows what you’re thinking, and no, “For The Win” isn’t a part of her regular vocabulary – She gets it from the Beauty Bug Boyfriend.

Back to the matter at hand…

The summer brings out the worst in The Beauty Bug’s hair and skin. Dangerous rays that cause permanent wrinkles, ever-lasting humidity that causes bad hair days, and temperatures that melt makeup. Sounds pleasant, doesn’t it? This may explain why The Beauty Bug is a New Englander for life. You may even say that The Beauty Bug can’t really enjoy herself unless she knows her skin is properly protected. That’s why She’s changed her morning skin care routine and introduced MAC’S Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50. It’s a medium weight cream that’s easily applied under makeup, goes on smooth, and absorbs quickly. The Beauty Bug only waits about a minute or so before She applies her makeup and She’s good to go for the day. Prior to now, The Beauty Bug has never turned to MAC for Her skin care products, but She’s very happy with this product.

Ladies, it’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s better to be proactive than reactionary. It’s better to have wrinkle-free skin and bad hair days than it is to have wrinkled skin and bad hair days.

You get it.

MAC’s Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50 FTW.

3 Responses to SPF 50 FTW

  1. the Beauty Bug Boyfriend

    I’m guessing someone will be making sure that I’m wearing SPF 50 while I’m out in Las Vegas next week?! No sunburn for me thk you very much! KEK!

  2. CB

    I just discovered MAC’s Prep + Prime Face Protect last week. I love it! :-)

  3. chichi

    Wow, SPF 50? I’m in. I have had lots of good results with MAC face products. It took me a while to get to them, since I was always drawn to all of the pretty colors in their make-up line and spent all my money on them. This looks like a great summer moisturizer. And by the way, I visited the Fab4 today!

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