Tuesday’s Beauty Bites

Murad Thinks The Beauty Bug is Going to get Cellulite – OK, so the Beauty Bug just received an email that had this subject line: “Even Skinny Girls Get Cellulite”. Pleasant email to receive at 11AM when you’re at work, isn’t it? Thanks MURAD – way to cheer up a Beauty Bug. And here’s a fun fact that you may or may not have known – cellulite only occurs in women. MURAD – what a buzz-kill you are. Next time you’re going to send out a depressing email – send it on a Monday, k?

According to the Daily Mail, a newspaper in the UK, Catherine Zeta-Jones flies in special caviar from Iran at $400 a pop to slather all over her locks. After shampooing, the caviar is smeared in her hair, combed through, and left to set. The Beauty Bug squirmed when She first read this – this is one beauty treatment she’d think twice about. She’d much rather use Alterna’s Seasilk Caviar line and not deallife_is_pink.jpg with the little eggs getting all over her and in her ears.

The Beauty Bug has always wanted to visit Chicago and perhaps now is the time do go. Victoria’s Secret is hosting the Second Annual World’s Largest Pajama Party this Friday, July 13th. The bash is hosted by Fergie with special Guests DJ AM and Sophia Bush, and better yet, it’s free! Download your free invite here. Think PINK!

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