Beat the Heat

The heat and humidity ruins everything – how is a Beauty Bug supposed to expose her inner butterfly when her hair is frizzy with fly-aways, and her makeup is melting. Just this morning The Beauty Bug applied her liquid concealer and less then a minute after blending, it began to melt. So, She reached for a Q-Tip and it virtually took off all her concealer. Here’s some tips from Physicians Formula Celebrity Makeup Artist  Joanna Schilp – trust me this lady knows her stuff. Take a look at her celebrity client list – the list of celebs that1184205227_1184205215_jello.jpg she hasn’t worked on would be shorter. Here’s her sweat-proof tips:

  • Prevent Perspiration on your face with a clear solid antiperspirant – Whether you’re an actress on-set under hot lights or a Beauty Bug (just as glamorous of course) under the scorching sun- there’s no way to avoid sweating. Try applying a a clear solid antiperspirant, focusing on the upper lip, forehead and hairline.
  • Switch to powder mineral makeup instead of liquid- it’s simple, powder doesn’t slip.
  • Need a quick fix in the middle of the day to rid the oil and sweat from your face? Find the nearest bathroom and blot with a toilet seat cover. Hey, a Beauty Bug’s gotta be resourceful – plus, it’s free!
  • Jello Not Gloss – Swap your gloss for a tastier option – try applying Jello to moist lips for a stain, it won’t melt like gloss.

..and the coolest show on TV this summer – The World Series of Pop Culture!

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