What gets a gal hs.jpg
Asked out to lunch
Is it brains, is it dough?
No, it’s hairspray!

If you take a ride
With no can at your side
Then your flip will be gone
With the wind ..

If you think about it, Corny Collins (musical entrepreneur from who hosts the “Corny Collins Show” in Hairspray) is on to something…a girl can’t look good if she feels her hair doesn’t.

But if you spray it and lock it,
You can take off in a rocket
And in outer space
Each hair will be in place

Why take a chance
When you get up and dance
If you twist, i insist
You use hairspray

Yes, today the musical-turned-movie is released, and with it comes Sebastian’s Ultra Clutch Hair Spray. The can is just as charming and pretty as the movie, and the partnership between New Line and Sebastian is one of the very few movie-product collaborations that makes sense and works. If you ask The Beauty Bug, this can really deserves a supporting actress nomination – it was the silent star on the set!

The stage show is one of the Beauty Bug’s favorites – the music is contagious, the characters are great, and the story has substance – so She’s been anxiously awaiting the movie. To get in the Hairspray mind-set, She’s been happily singing along to the soundtrack every morning on her drive to work.

Finally, last week, she caught a sneak-screening of the movie, and She’s happy to report that it does not disappoint – the movie is just as energetic and fun as the stage show – minus Travolta. Simply put – he’s revolting or Travolting! Everything about him in the role is distractingly wrong. His voice/accent is totally off, and it looks like he’s simultaneously taking it too seriously but also winking at the audience (hey, look, it’s Travolta in a dress!) where Harvey Fierstein really inhabited the CHARACTER while still having a little fun with it. It’s a hard balance, it this was just a complete miss.

Travolta aside, The Beauty Bug recommends Hairspray for the music, the smiles, and of course – the HAIR!

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