Hair Necessities


This weekend, the Beauty Bug newly found hair stylist cut a bit too much off her bob and she’s now channeling Katie Holmes. While The Beauty Bug Boyfriend and The Queen Bee have told the Beauty Bug countless times that they love her new ‘do, it’s going to take her a while to get used to it. She’s not that worried because her hair grows fast and it’s given her a chance to try these two great new products:

Kiehl’s Super Thick Volumizer – The Beauty Bug bought this a little over a year ago, and then it sat in her bathroom. Then she moved, and it moved with her – and then it sat in her bathroom some more. Then this weekend, after the cut, she immediately went home to shower and re-style her hair herself (when she styles it, it always looks letter to her). She stepped out of the shower and rummaged through the medicine cabinet to see what she could use to help her deal with the new ‘do. She found the Kiehl’s bottle tucked far back in a corner of the cabinet and thought it may do the trick. She applied it directly to the roots on the crown of her head and proceeded to dry her hair. She’d take a brush, place the dryer near her roots, and pull her hair forward. She saw instantaneous volume – this product has one of the most dramatic results that The Beauty Bug has ever seen.

Frederic Fekkai Protein RX Reparative Treatment Hair Mask – The Beauty Bug bought this prior to her haircut because she had a bad case of summer hair – it was dry and breaking. She’s used it once prior to the cut, and once post cut because her the new ‘do requires her to use a flat iron every day (she needs all the length she can get, and the flat iron helps her achieve that). The mask smells amazing – it’s a subtle vanilla smell, and its’ soft, smooth consistency allows it to be easily applied. The Beauty Bug left it in her hair a bit longer than instructed to make sure it fully penetrated and then washed it out. The next morning when she woke up and her hair was extra soft and extremely manageable and a little less “summer infected”. Next up for The Beauty Bug  -  she wants to get the shampoo and conditioner and see what happens when she uses the complete system.

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  1. the Beauty Bug Boyfriend

    I can vouch for both – I’ve been using them on the sly and my hair has been FANTASTIC!

    (just kidddiiinnnnggggg…plz don’t hurt me)

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