Body Bistro Green Apple + Neem Jelly

The Beauty Bug never thought that She and Paris Hilton had much in common (and She was quite proud of this). The same goes for Tara Reid and Halle Berry. But, She apparently spoke too soon. It seems that all the aforementioned celebs and The Beauty Bug all share a love for Body Bistro products. And the celeb list goes on…Bruce Willis and Queen Latifah love the Apricot + Lavender Smoothing Serum, Halle Berry loves the Carrot + Sandalwood Eye Butter and the Green Apple + Neem Eye Jelly, and Amanda Bynes stocks up on Pineapple and Lime Cleansing Wash (The Beauty Bug can NOT wait to try this!)

If the long list of celebs that tout Body Bistro’s products isn’t enough – Carina Chatlani, the founder and president who holds a degree in biological science and plant morphology, studied with monks and invested countless hours in developing state-of-the-art-formulations that have been featured in Elle, Lucky, People, In Style and Glamour.

eyejelly2.JPGThe Beauty Bug sampled the famed Green Apple + Neem Eye Jelly and She’s hooked (She’s always preferred green apples to red and now She knows why). The product was created to accelerate the natural process of exfoliation, circulation and cellular regeneration to make the skin fee healthy and to improve the dermal matrix from within. The jelly consistency is a refreshing alternative to cream (especially in the summer) and upon application tingling begins to occur – the tell-tale sign that it’s doing its job. The apple extract, which contains alpha-hydroxy fruit acid, is known for it’s moisturizing and anti-aging properties and helps to refine, rejuvenate and improve skin condition. They Beauty Bug’s under eye area is now a happier place – less tired, smoother, and seemingly a bit firmer.

Beginning today, Monday, July 30th, if you purchase the Green Apple + Neem Eye Jelly today, you’ll receive a complimentary pair of blue eye gel cooling pads. The cooling pads, which can be refrigerated and re-used, work in conjunction to the jelly to eliminate puffiness around the eyes.

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