Grow For Me….

After washing her face very thoroughly Thursday night last week, The Beauty Bug felt something in her eye. It was a painful something causing her to continuously blink. Thinking that it was just an eyelash caught somewhere she started to pull at them, hoping that the little bugger would come out. “Why are you doing that,” the Beauty Bug Boyfriend that. “Aren’t those things like precious commodities?” She ignored him and pulled and pulled. Nothing. She pulled down her lid, she pulled up her lid, she made The Beauty Bug Boyfriend inspect her eye to see what he could see – but we both came up with nothing. Frustrated and down probably 15-20 eyelashes, She went to bed hoping that whatever was in there would be out by the morning.

The next morning was no different, so She called into work and went to the eye doctor – sans makeup. Turns out that the Beauty Bug has caught herself one nasty eye infection just in time for the weekend, and instead of eyeliner and mascara, She’d be applying topical ointment that would temporarily blur her vision.

Luckily the infection is mostly gone, but fast forward to today when She went to apply her mascara (the first day in about 5 days that she’s actually wearing makeup) and She’s begun to notice her missing eyelashes. There is definitely a little space on her lid where there’s a patch of lashes missing. Now if there was only a pill she could take for lash growth…

This prompted The Beauty Bug to do some research – eyelashes take about four to eight weeks to grow back. Like every other hair on your body, they have a specific growth cycle which can not be altered. So, it looks like The Beauty Bug will have her lashes back to normal by the mid/end of September.

Just as Seymour pleaded with Audrey 2 to grow for him, eyelashes, please – grow for The Beauty Bug!

3 Responses to Grow For Me….

  1. Nina

    You must get one of the eyelash growing treatments currently available – like Jan Marini Eyelash Intervention, or Revitalash – check out They are expensive but totally worth it!

  2. Alarming Darling

    Other than the usual diet of multivitamins, all I can suggest is trying the Dermaquest Dermalash. It was in one of the last TestTubes, and it’s supposed to make your lashes stronger — so at least next time you try pulling them out, they won’t give up so easily! ^_^

  3. kia

    awww! or you could use the little vaseline trick which ppl swear by…. a little applied with the fingertips at nite before bed… just some conditioning… good luck

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