On Holiday….


The Beauty Bug will be coming to you poolside from tropical St. Maarten this week. She’s on holiday. Since Saturday, She’s traded in her concealer, eyeliner and mascara for a zebra-striped bikini sunblock, sunblock, and more sunblock. She’s loaded up on SPF 45 for her body and SPF 50 for her face. And let Her tell you ladies, from the bodies She’s seen on the beach in just the 2 days that She’s been here – She knows that She’ll never trade her east coast life for a Caribbean one. The damage the sun can do is truly incomprehensible – it’s so sneaky and will get your even when you think it’s hiding. Additional observations The Beauty Bug had made on these clothing optional beaches are:

  • If you have it, flaunt it, and if you don’t – puuuhh-lease put it away.
  • It’s not only about the shape you’re in, but it’s also about skin-tone. Having skin the color of a pumpkin is not attractive in the least. Seeing some of the people that She’s seen, The Beauty Bug doesn’t feel so bad about her pale, Casper-like complexion.
  • And guys, if you’re going to stare – at least get some sunglasses.

More observations coming later, one of those lounge chairs has The Beauty Bug’s name all over it.

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  1. The Beauty Bug Boyfriend

    … And we might not go back home the way the week is going so far. I’ll trade the stress at home for a little sunburn ANY DAY

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