pt126-un-wrinkle-eye.jpgPerhaps if you haven’t been Bit By The Beauty Bug yet, maybe you’ve been bit by the beauty snake?

One of the new products to hit the shelves at Sephora is Peter Thomas Roth’s Un-Wrinkle Eye which contains SYN-AKE, a synthetically simulated venom specifically from the Temple Viper. Using products with this new anti-wrinkle compound that mimics snake venom is the newest trend in Hollywood. Supposedly, Gwyneth Paltrow is addicted to these venomous-containing products, and that’s what she attributes her great skin to. The peptide SYN-AKE has been proven to be very effective in blocking muscular contraction, leaving wrinkles and fine lines practically extinct.

Now, The Beauty Bug can’t comment on its’ effectiveness because She hasn’t used it. She typically doesn’t write about products that She’s never used, but She was too intrigued by this.

So, are you ready to push aside your products with green tea and grape seed?

Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle retails for $100.

2 Responses to SYN-AKE

  1. Ingrid

    First botuliniom toxin and now snake venom? Skincare has officially gone hardcore! What’s next, heavy metals?

  2. Alarming Darling

    I have tried it, and I like it. It’s hard to say yet whether it makes a difference, but it looks like it might. It feels and smells kind of like a more intense Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. And really, the exchange “What do you do for your wrinkles?”, “Oh, I use something with Temple Viper venom in it,” couldn’t be more amusing.

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