Silky Dirt Shine & Define Creme

1187897186_1187897180_p159006_hero.jpgYesterday was a momentous day of sorts for The Beauty Bug. Since signing up and becoming a Sephora Beauty Insider, She has spent $100 at Sephora and received her first SIB gift. As the Sephora cashier offered The Beauty Bug one of three small (and She means very small) tokens of appreciation for being a good customer, The Beauty Bug stopped her in mid-sentence because She knew just what she wanted. “JONATHAN!”, She exclaimed referring to the sample of Jonathan Product Silky Dirt Shine & Define Creme. The Sephora cashier smiled, probably because she had never seen someone that excited about Jonathan. If Jonathan Product is ever an option, The Beauty Bug will take it! She was a huge huge fan of the show, and The Beauty Bug Boyfriend uses the original Dirt Texturing Paste everyday.

The excitement quickly dwindled when The Beauty Bug saw the size of Her “gift”. This is all She gets for spending $100? After all that marketing and promotion for The Sephora Beauty Insider program, The Beauty Bug assumed it was something worthwhile – but it’s just smoke, mirrors and insignificant “rewards”.

The Beauty Bug tried the Silky Dirt today after drying and flat ironing her hair. It has the same vanilla scent as a the original Dirt, which The Beauty Bug loves – it’s subtle and sweet. The creme isn’t as thick as the texturing paste, and its weightlessness makes it easy to work through hair. Silky Dirt gave tamed The Beauty Bug’s fly-aways, and gave her a more polished look, but it didn’t provide sufficient shine. The Beauty Bug achieves more shine with a liquid-based clear serum – so if you’re looking strictly for shine, this product isn’t for you. If you’re looking for definition and control, then Silky Dirt is a great option. Mix it with a little liquid shine serum, and you’ve got all bases covered.

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  1. Ingrid

    I agree the tokens of appreciation are miniscule! I got to choose 2, and ended up with a teeny sample of Blinc Kiss Me mascara and a sampler pack of Philosophy body wash. The regular department stire gifts w/ purchase are soooo much better.

  2. The Beauty Bug

    Agreed Ingrid – The Beauty Bug never opts for the mascara samples b/c the size of the brush is always compromised to fit in the teeny weeny tube, and the results with the smaller-than-normal brush are never the same.

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