Purple Reign


It’s the last week of the summer, and The Beauty Bug’s email box is being flooded with mail about the latest trends for the upcoming fall season. Email after email speaks of purple being the new hot color – “sultry smoky purples”,”creamy red lips and smoky, purple eyes rule this season”, and even more say “use purple hues for a lighter, daytime-friendly look.” All The Beauty Bug knows is that whatever marketing speak is sent to Her, She’s not buying it- you will not see any shade of purple grace her eyelids or lips at all this season. This is a trend that The Beauty Bug hopes just passes by as fast as summer did.

Yes, it may look good on the makeup artists at the MAC counter who’s makeup always looks flawless. But, remember ladies, they wear all black everyday so they have free “reign” when it comes it comes to choosing a color palette for their makeup – the black acts as a blank canvas of sorts. But, it’s just not a usable, sensible color for the everyday woman and carries a hint of the 80′s with it.

Instead of impulsively buying that new purple matte shadow that will just sit unused in your makeup bag, save your money for the holiday palettes and sets that are just around the corner and thank The Beauty Bug later!

For other fall trends to avoid, see Meg’s post Faking Good Breeding!

4 Responses to Purple Reign

  1. Julia

    I totally disagree . . . I love purple shadows. I have one dark, shimmery purple from MAC, 2 different purple eyeliners, and 1 shimmery sheer cream eyeshadow in lavender, and I wear some shade of purple on my eyes at least 3 times a week.

  2. Luce

    I absolutely disagree too. If you find the right shade of purple, it’s exceptionally wearable, and can be far more flattering than say, brown.

  3. kia

    hey BB! i did a purple look. wanna see? head over to yummy: http://yummy411.blogspot.com/2007/09/musiq-concert-fotd.html

  4. Tamara

    eyeshadow, but when I do I am pleasantly pleased with the results and I love the purple on brown skin…works great for me!

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