PTR Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

ptr.jpgFall is here ladies – the signs are everywhere. The Starbucks pumpkin latte has returned (that’s a non-fat latte if you’re going to order one for The Beauty Bug) and Sam Adams Oktoberfest has hit the taps (this is something that The Beauty Bug Boyfriend is particularly excited about). In honor of all things fall, The Beauty Bug’s favorite season, She tested the new Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Peel, available exclusively at Sephora.

This deep exfoliating peel uses pumpkin enzymes to gently dissolve dead surface cells and stimulate cellular turnover to reveal smooth, soft skin. In addition to the anti-oxidant pumpkin enzyme, the peel contains Vitamin A which nourishes and repairs.

First thing’s first, when She opened the mask for the first time, The Beauty Bug instantly fell in love with its scent – sweet, delicious and subtle – nothing too overbearing. Almost like a candle. She applied a thin layer as instructed – the mask has a bit of a grainy texture, for exfoliation purposes of course, but it isn’t sticky or messy at all. After making sure it was even, She sat and relaxed for about 5-7 minutes. Those with extra sensitive skin should leave it on just for 5 minutes – The Beauty Bug is somewhere in the middle so She left it on for 7.

For the first minute of so, The Beauty Bug felt a bit of tingling. We all know that’s the tell-tale sign ladies. The tingling was refreshing and it excited The Beauty Bug – the new season was just starting and now She’d have freshly exfoliated skin to apply all the new fall colors to. It was like a blank canvas waiting to be painted. She rinsed the mask off with lukewarm water and instantly noticed that her skin was softer and smoother – especially around Her nose where it tends to be a little rough.

Since the one application barely used any product, The Beauty Bug is excited to continue to use this all throughout the winter.

Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Peek is available at Sephora for $44

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