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Beauty Bug reader Julia writes…

Hi, I have a completely random question: I’m being forced to go on a 3-day camping trip. No showers, no nothing. What beauty tips/tricks do you have for staying fresh? (I also have brow-skimming bangs, which tend to get a little oily. I’ve heard of powder that helps absorb hair oil . . . where do I get that, if you know?)

Well Julia first off, The Beauty Bug sends her condolences – She does not envy you. Everything The Beauty Bug knows about camping She learned from one of her favorite movies, Troop Beverly Hills. “We’re the girls from Beverly Hills (one, two three, four), shopping was our greatest skill (five, six, seven, eight)…” She’s never been camping, and She never plans on going camping – but that doesn’t mean that she can’t help.

The powder that you were referring to is Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder, though it is quite pricey for just a 3-day camping trip. Another product that you may be interested in for a quick freshen-up is Klorane’s Spray Shampoo. It’s meant for people in a hurry or on the go (and campers) and absorbs dirt and excess hair product. Oscar Blondi also makes a similar product, which the girls over a Delush highly recommend.

For your face you may consider Kose Sekkisei Powder Wash. It’s a quick-foaming powder that contains Chinese herb extracts. Less expensive sample sizes are available, but The Beauty Bug just recommends that you visit Bath and Body works for a sample. Another solution, some of handiest things ever, are blotting papers. Several companies make them, including Boscia, Philosophy, and Clean and Clear, and they are the a must-have all year round.

Julia, if you try any of the aforementioned products, do let The Beauty Bug know how they were.

Happy camping!

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  1. sge

    i have the bumble and bumble hair powder and i confess it works very well on those days i can’t get up early enough to shower. i got it at my hairstylists and she suggested the small bottle which is less expensive and it does last a long time. however, for camping it sounds like the dry shampoo would be a better choice. the hair powder soaks up excess hair oil, but it also adds product to your hair that can make it feel kind of thick and dry if you don’t wash it out that night or the next morning.

    also, when running late i sometimes use cleansing face wipes to freshen up and get rid of dirt and make-up. i love the boots line of these which are pretty inexpensive and less “soapy” than some other brands i’ve tried. their botanics wipes make my face feel very fresh and clean!

  2. Julia

    Thanks sooo much-I ended up getting the Oscar Blondi dry shampoo, a root-lifting product from Aveda, and some blotting papers. I’m as set as I’ll ever be! :P

  3. Ingrid

    Get a bandana. The racoons don’t give a sh*t what your hair looks like. Plus, not washing your hair for several days will give it a rest from styling products, heat, etc. so that when you do finally wsh it again it will actually look better (natural oil is the best conditioner). Honest!

  4. Julia

    Lol, the racoons may not care but I’m going with my friends . . . including some guy friends. (hint hint)

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