Disappointed at the Lancome Counter

70.JPGThe Beauty Bug loves to go shopping with Her Grandma, especially when they hit up the makeup counters. Grandma buys her clay mask from Lancome, and her Pure White Linen from Estee Lauder. This past weekend, when Gram’s was picking up her mask, The Beauty Bug thought she’d pick up a new Lancome mascara – there’s so many now, it’s hard to keep track but She was just wanting to try one of the newer ones. Wanting to know her options and about the latest and greatest, The Beauty Bug struck up a conversation with the Lancome representative to ask her if any of the newer mascaras rivaled Difinicils (The Beauty Bug’s favorite). The Lancome representative then began reading the descriptions off of the mascara spindle verbatim. The Beauty Bug was shocked and confused – She didn’t need the descriptions read to her, She wanted to talk to someone who has used the products and is familiar with them. The Beauty Bug became annoyed and just quickly chose the new Courbe Virtuose Mascara, which promises divine lasting curves all day.

This encounter was quite disappointing – another example why it’s better to go to Sephora or shop online. It seems that more and more if it’s not the pushy sales women at the counter who just wants a sale, it’s the uninformed ‘body’ who knows nothing about the products. The Beauty Bug expects more from Lancome.

The mascara is sadly nothing special. The curved brush doesn’t allow for as much control as a straight brush, and the length or curve is nothing that can’t be achieved from Max Factor’s Lash Couture Mascara. Even with several coats it doesn’t provide dramatic results. Disappointed and put-off with the product and the experience at the counter, The Beauty Bug regrets her purchase.

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  1. Ingrid

    I don’t get the fuss over Lancome mascara– their lipsticks and eyeshadows are FAB, but the mascara, quite frankly, blows. I returned my L’extension… and I advise you to do the same. They have a 30 day return policy for a reason. I need brown mascara, so drugstore mascara isn’t an option, but Clinique, Bobbi Brown, and Stila all make much better (and cheaper!) mascaras. Stand your ground, Beauty Bug, it isn’t worth wasting $23 on this….

  2. Jean

    Had the same lousy service at the Lancome counter at Macy’s recently.
    Macy’s customer service is generally lousy but this was pretty (ha ha) bad. The rep knew NOTHING. I guess they hire freelance help during GWP time and all the staffer has to do is show up with her makeup on!

  3. Henna

    I’m so surprised that people don’t love this mascara – I have to say that it’s my HG!

    I do notice that when I use it the way the sales person taught me, it really works better – did you get instructions on using it?

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