Well Wells…

2.jpgIn the October Issue of Allure, in her letter from the Editor, Linda Wells writes about a business lunch with the owner of a cosmetics company. Wells recalls the executive asking her to empty the contents of her handbag onto the table to prove a point – that women don’t use the products in their purses. “No one does anymore”, he claimed. Wells debunked his theory by presenting him with a blush that was worn down to the metal case.

Well Wells, even though you did happen to have that handy blush compact to pull out to quiet the cosmetics executive, The Beauty Bug tends to agree with him. She believes that women rarely ever use the numerous products that they store in their purses, and yes, they buy new products long before they are finished with their current ones. And brand loyalty? What’s that? The Beauty Bug just wants a mascara that will give Her maximum length and a high-shine, non-stick gloss. She doesn’t care what label or name it bears. It’s nothing new. The light, shimmery summer collections that were just purchased 2-3 months ago and have barely been used are now being replaced dramatic fall colors which were purchased last year and not fully used. It’s the way beauty-addicts work. It’s what makes The Beauty Bug, and fellow beauty-addicts, happy.

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