To All The Test Tube Subscribers…

To all of my Test Tube subscribers, trust that The Beauty Bug has been trying her hardest to get some answers for you. She’s reached out to several people at New Beauty, and even asked to be put in touch with someone from their PR dept (you would think that they would have jumped at the chance for damage control), but didn’t get a response from anyone. The Beauty Bug gave them a chance to talk directly to their disgruntled subscribers and She got nothing….

With all that being said, The Beauty Bug did finally (after 2 phone calls and an email) receive her newest Test Tube and She must say, She’s not impressed. She really wishes that you could see the face She made when She was going through her Tube and found Dermacia, makeup that can be applied directly to the skin after cosmetic procedures. Yeah – thanks, but no thanks. She doesn’t need that, and She’s betting that most of you don’t either. What a disappointment.

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  1. Lydia

    Wow–you loved those Test Tube things. How sad that they were such a disappointment. I’m so not a fan of New Beauty. I’m about real beauty, not plastic surgery. :(

  2. Julie P

    I hated this one too!! I agree with Lydia about the plastic surgery thing. Give me a BREATK! I should have known better, but the first couple of tubes had great lotions and teeth whiteners, etc.
    I cancelled my subscription and this is what they said:

    “Thank you for contacting us! We are sorry to hear that you wish to cancel the NewBeauty TestTube Program. We have cancelled all future shipments and billing per your request. We understand that we have not fulfilled the program favorably in the past due to the incredible demand for the NewBeauty TestTube. We had not been able to keep it in stock. We are now prepared to provide you with excellent customer service and with on time shipments of your scheduled NewBeauty TestTubes. The NewBeauty TestTube is a very exciting program, and we will not want you to miss out on future editions. You can reinstate the program by signing up online or calling us toll free at the below number.”


  3. nanico

    Terrible company, terrible service. I have left many, many messages (surprise! phone always goes straight to voice mail), written a dozen times, been sweet, funny and threatening. I had two responses, both saying “it’s on its way”. It wasn’t. They ripped me off and wasted my time.

  4. Lori F

    I’m glad I didn’t subscribe to this deal. I considered it after my friend Julie P told me how great it was. After reading all the problems and looking at the products, I’m happy to say I won’t be sucked it to this deal.

  5. elizabeth

    I had the same problem with them. I actually work for Redbook and we frequently review beauty products for our customers. I used industry connections to look up the department editors and their direct lines and e-mail addy’s. It took leaving messages with three people letting them know that I work in the industry and asking if they wanted to comment before I wrote a negative review of them in our magazine to finally get a response. That response was that the program had exceeded their expectations, they were short on product, and were not sure when they would resume shipping. I asked them if it might be a good idea to temporarily suspend new subscriptions until they were able to fill the orders that had been already placed. I never recieved a response to this. What a disappointment! My first tube had me sooooooo excited, and now I am soooooooooo dissappointed. I guess i have to go back to attending shows and getting my shwag bags :(

  6. miss nikole

    Changed mailing addresses a couple of times and had one heck of a time having my account updated for the tube promos. Honestly I now enjoy going direct to the vendors and requesting samples… they usually come with coupons and it’s a fun hobby for me. And free or minimal cost. I did not like the overt pushing of cosmetic surgery either. I see too much of it with poor results in my area, and it’s sad. I believe in quality reconstructive plastic surgery in a professional environment. Nothing less.Customer relations are vital to a company in the beauty industry – expect more than what New beauty has to offer, ladies.

  7. Sally

    I agree with the others regarding the Test Tube deal. I loved it and have been disappointed with offers for plastic surgery. I was also very disappointed with the Spa Look gift cards. I have had nothing but problems fromo that company. Orders have been shipped incorrectly and despite talking to many people, it took months to get my issue resolved. I will never order from Spa Look again.

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