Right off the Runway, on to Your Lips…

1191457612_1191457605_courtney-cox-1.jpgSomething you didn’t know about The Beauty Bug – She used to have 2 very bold and bright red streaks in the front of her hair. Not goth or alternative – think Courtney Cox from Scream. She’s since removed them (although she occasionally misses them), but still adores the color. She loves Her Red Sox, (who are currently winning their first ALDS game vs. the Angels) and She loves red lipstick. It’s the one color that allows you to make a classic, yet sophisticated statement.

1191459584_1191459545_low_res_ps_kiss_at_nordstrom_image.jpgThe newest shade of that perfect red, straight off the runway, is Peter Som’s P.S. Kiss for Lancome. The Beauty Bug’s sure you’ve heard about this hot little number, it’s recently garnered nearly as much buzz and publicity as Britney (but for a good reason of course). The third Pout-a-Porter lipstick was created by Lancôme artistic director Gucci Westman and celebrated designer Peter Som for his Fall 2007 Fashion Show.

If history repeats itself, this baby will be sold out before you can say “pucker up”. Get it now at Lancome counters in all Nordstroms, or do what The Beauty Bug does – just stay home, watch the Red Sox, and order it here online!

Go Sox!

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