Disappointed at the Lancome Counter…Again!

smashbox.jpgToday was The Beauty Bug’s last day at work at Her current job, and to celebrate She left work early to hit up Sephora and the Lancome counter. She was a woman on a mission – She knew exactly what She wanted and was ready to treat Herself. At Sephora She purchased the new limited edition BCA Blushing Pink Fusion Soft Lights and Brush Set. It’s a perfect shade of bright, yet light, pink that will glow beautifully on her pale skin, and a portion of the proceeds go to the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund. She was quickly in and out, and accumulated some more points in her Beauty Bank in the process.

In the market for new concealer, The Beauty Bug next headed over to the Lancome counter to try their Effacernes Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer that was just voted best concealer in Allure. She hoped that this experience at the Lancome counter would be better than her last. She had mistakenly left home this morning without double checking the exact name of the concealer, but surely since it was just voted the best concealer in this month’s Allure, the ladies at the would know. Or She thought…

The Beauty Bug explained to the lady at the counter what She wanted, and the woman just stared at her a blankly. How did this woman, who works for one of the biggest beauty brands, not know what Allure is – it’s only the bible of everything beauty! She then suggested to the Beauty Bug that She possibly may have seen this product in a duty-free store, and it’s not carried in the US. The Beauty Bug had NO idea what this numb-scull was talking about – the concealer was featured in Allure and the counter most definitely had it. It’s a wonder that they weren’t printing mini-icon stickers that boasted the “Best of Allure” icon. It was as if The Beauty Bug was speaking a foreign language. Earth to Lancome, time to hire better counter help and get them subscriptions to Allure!

It was clear that The Beauty Bug wasn’t going to get anywhere with this moronic lady, so She just tried to remember what the concealer looked liked, and made her purchase. She quickly went home, and ran to open up Her Allure to “Best-of” section, and sure enough, She had bought the wrong concealer. She cringed because this meant another trip to the Lancome counter to deal with their amateur, unprofessional counter-help.

Ladies, post if you’ve been unlucky and frustrated at the Lancome counter too.

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  1. SH

    I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog! It’s such fun reading about your adventures and I love that you are not only about the super expensive unaffordable products!

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