The Following is a True Story that Happened at The Lancome Counter…

The Beauty Bug wishes She didn’t have to work or make a living, because She’d just go from Lancome counter to Lancome counter, and report her adventures. Regular readers will know that She hasn’t had the best luck at Lancome counters, encountering uninformed, ignorant woman. Because She purchased the wrong concealer during her last visit, She begrudgingly went back to a different Lancome counter this morning to purchase the correct one – Lancome’s Effacernes concealer.

The Beauty Bug approached the counter, and assessed the situation – there appeared to be only one woman working, and she was applying makeup to a seated customer. The woman stepped away from her customer, and asked The Beauty Bug what She needed. The Beauty Bug explained that She needed to determine which shade of concealer matched her skin tone. The woman chose 2 colors, and tested them on her hand – and then began to apply one to Her under-eye area. The Lancome woman then struck up a conversation with The Beauty Bug, telling Her that the customer getting her makeup applied was a bride-to-be, getting married today. She explained to The Beauty Bug how surprised she was the the customer randomly walked in without and appointment, and without a practice (run-through) application done. “I could like, suck”, she stated. Wait, time out. What did she just say? Not only did She just say very unprofessionally say that letting her apply one’s makeup could be a risk, but if The Beauty Bug closed Her eyes, She would have guessed She was speaking with a 14 year-old because of the amount of times the woman was saying “like”.

The Lancome representative went on to say that luckily the bride wanted something simple and basic. The Beauty Bug didn’t know how to respond – “At least it proves that the customer has confidence in you – just walking in off the street and having you do her makeup on such an important day”, She said. The Beauty Bug gasped at the thought of having this lunatic do her makeup – it truly made Her cringe. While thought of wedding makeup circled in The Beauty Bug’s head, the Lancome woman continued to mutter silly things. The Beauty Bug could never, ever imagine just walking into a department store on Her wedding day, and arbitrarily choosing a counter to do her makeup . She wants her makeup professionally done, probably by a MAC artist, and She wants her dress to resemble Donna Martin’s dress.

The Beauty Bug purchased her concealer and make a quick exit – before She could hear any more “likes” or “sucks”. How professional.

She’ll begin using the concealer tomorrow – look out for a full review coming soon.

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  1. DR

    Sounds like the Beauty Bug should be an “undercover” shopper !
    By the way – Congratulations on your 1 yr anniversary !!

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