MAC’s Mattene

1191984642_1191984632_mattene_stick04_s.jpgToday, The Beauty Bug did something She hasn’t done in ages – in fact, She can’t remember the last time She did this. She wore lipstick to work. She let her glosses stay buried in the bottom of her purse, and reached for her new MAC Mattene Lipstick – a new smooth lipstick that’s as cool as its chic packing. As She first held it up to Her lips to begin applying, She was comforted by that sweet vanilla scent that MAC has become known for – the same scent that MAC’s Lipglasses emanate. She continued to apply the lipstick and the silky formula glided on to her lips and was amazed that She was getting strong, wearable color without that uncomfortable pasty, heavy texture. The Beauty Bug thought to Herself that perhaps She should buy a lottery ticket, because surely today was her lucky day.

The Beauty Bug and her new best friend, Caffe Matte, boarded the T, and as soon as She was seated, She pulled out her compact mirror to check out the velvety finish of the lipstick. Because She wanted to show off her new sleek little number, She whipped it out of her bag and re-applied. Matte perfection.

The Beauty Bug must admit though, there is one person who didn’t like Her new lipstick. The Beauty Bug boyfriend. While he does admit that it looks beautiful on Her, he knows that when She wears it, it means that he doesn’t get a goodbye kiss. She wouldn’t dare mess up her lipstick!

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