Concealer and Baseball

lancomeIt’s quite a tough job to double as a member of Red Sox Nation in the post-season, and maintain the duties of The Beauty Bug. It means The Beauty Bug is forced to decide between two of her most favorite things – Her site, and baseball. Watching the late-night games has left The Beauty Bug with her readers wanting more posts and tired, puffy eyes with accompanying dark circles under them. Not a pretty site.

But, just in time for October baseball, The Beauty Bug has discovered a new concealer – Lancome’s Effacerens Concealer. Yes, The Beauty Bug tries to avoid Lancome counters at all costs after her recent experiences, but this concealer is worth the trip. She can definitely bear the numb skulls they have working there every 3 months to purchase a new concealer – but dealing with the Lancome counter women more often than that is just too much.

The concealer is a medium coverage water-proof formula that evens out The Beauty Bug’s skin tone. What’s most impressive about this product is that it doesn’t settle into the find lines around The Beauty Bug’s eyes. It’s blendable and natural, and provides lasts throughout the day. At 3PM in the afternoon, The Beauty Bug can look in the mirror and NOT see a tiny maze of lines surrounding her eyes.

Tonight promises to be another late night for The Beauty Bug. It’s already 11Pm and the game is only in the 7th inning. Keep your fingers crossed for The Beauty Bug’s Red Sox. If there was ever a team that needed “concealer” to cover up their tired, weary, worn-down faces – The Red Sox are that team.

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  1. Julie P

    I bought this on your recommendation and LOVE it!!!

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