Lipstick Lies

lipstick.jpgSince changing jobs, The Beauty Bug has been crazy busy. Last Friday, while talent handling some actors who are starring in an upcoming political drama, The Beauty Bug found herself in a hospitality suite talking makeup with the hired makeup artist, while the actors were being interviewed. The makeup artist, a blonde hippie who smelled like her organic line of soap, was hired because she was one of the only artists at the agency who knew how to use a certain silicon airbrush technique. She began preaching to the women in room about the dangers of makeup. “Lipstick will give you cancer” she maintained. She went on, and threw some stats at the women in the room about New Yorkers eating something like 5 tubes of lipstick per year. The Beauty Bug wasn’t buying this. No ladies, we aren’t going to die from wanting to feel sexy and wearing red lipstick now and then. Don’t run to your nearest trash can!

No sooner had The Beauty Bug been subjected to this falsities, when She received an email from the Cosmetic Cop on this very subject. And low and behold, The Cosmetic Cop agreed with the Beauty Bug! Here’s what Ms. Begoun says to in response to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics report about lead in lipstick:

“The report incorrectly states that lipstick is ingested like candy….Without question, lead is a harmful substance; however, there is simply no proof that the tiny amount that may be in some lipsticks is causing harm….Why is the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics blitzing the media with their report on lead in lipsticks when the average person gets more lead exposure simply standing on a busy street corner in a major city or drinking tap water? If you’re concerned about lead exposure, you’d be much better off having your home’s paint, soil, and water supply tested than opening your makeup bag in fear that adding color to lips will spell certain doom.”

So, no need to worry ladies….put another coat on of the red lipstick and pucker up!

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