Wickedly Beneficial

1193011423_1193011418_stylist.jpgThere’s always time for a quick eyebrow wax at a Benefit Brow Bar, even if it is an unexpected stop en route to the theater to see Wicked. The Beauty Bug and The Beauty Queen (Bee) were killing time in a Macy’s before a matinée, and decided to stop for a quick wax at the Benefit counter. The Beauty Bug took the chair first, and the Benefit esthetician was very precise and deliberate – and both The Beauty Bug, and The Beauty Queen were very happy with their new brows.

While The Beauty Queen took the chair, The Beauty Bug explored the counter and found Herself drawn to one of the Her Glossinesses, Where’s My Stylist. Her Glossiness is “an ultra-shine gloss for very important people”. Clearly The Beauty Bug had to have this, She is a very important person in need of some more ultra-shine in her life. She tried it on, and quickly bought it. Much lighter than it appears to be in a tube, it’s a sheer raisin shade that looks great with The Beauty Bug’s pale skin.

Both got a bit of a touch-up to conceal the redness from the wax, and they were on their way to watch Elphaba defy gravity. The gloss lasted throughout the 3+ hour long play, and felt great on The Beauty Bug’s lips.

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