The Beauty Bug Presents “The Office”

No, The Beauty Bug isn’t talking about Michael Scott – or Jim, or Pam for that matter – but don’t you just love them together? She’s talking about her new office, with just as many antics and shenanigans.

As The Beauty Bug recently told you, She’s just changed jobs and is now working closely with 7 other women. As soon as She started at her new office, She immediately put her new co-workers to work! They had no choice really. The plan was simple – give each woman the same product to try and collect their feedback.

1193275909_1193275903_lip_plumper1.jpgThe first product tested was Borghese’s Labbro Più Paffuto Lip Plumper. A translucent gloss infused with revolutionary technology, the product promises smoother lips that look and feel fuller without the stinging or redness.

Here’s what The Office had to say:

A: “I love that Borghese Lip Plumper tingles but does not hurt like some other lip plumping products. It’s a subtle change that looks natural. I can see this becoming addictive quickly!”

M: “I really like this lip plumper. It made my lips feel and look nice and smooth. I don’t think they look much bigger but I can see a little bit of a difference in them. I’m happy that it did not make my lips tingle or bright red.”

B: “I love the smell. It felt a little itchy after a minute or so, but that feeling quickly went away. I really like the look of it on my lips and would definitely use it on its own or with color on top. I would definitely buy it. ”

J: “I liked it better than some lip plumper because it didn’t sting as much….some of them feel like your lips are on fire. I don’t like those. I didnt notice a huge difference….maybe a little. But i did think that it was nice as just a gloss. It wasn’t too sticky and it made my lips soft. My roommate tried it too, then she just stole it and I’m going to go in her purse and get it back!”

P: “I have big lips to begin with so I didn’t see a big difference in the plumpness however, I feel like it made my lips smoother and it was easier to put gloss on after because the plumper acted like a primer. I liked the tingling too.”

There you have it, The Office has spoke.

To have your product tested in The Office, email The Beauty Bug.

3 Responses to The Beauty Bug Presents “The Office”

  1. Nancy O

    Nice job! Random testing and objective results. Keep up the good work

  2. Deb

    P, I have full lips too and this plumper does a fabulous job as a primer for my lipsticks and glosses.

    The funny thing is I got it from a friend of mine who also has full lips and she dropped it in my bag. I totally forgot about it until i went to apply lipgloss and noticed the only thing I had was the plumper, so I used it…compliments all day (even from my friend who gave it to me). Needless to say, she cursed herself and bought one for herself. To this day, she takes credit for “introducing it” to me.

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