World Series Red


These past few weeks Boston has been a sea of red and blue. While Bostonians Red Sox pride is always present and visible, it’s been on over-load since post-season baseball started. Flags, hats, banners, t-shirts, stickers and posters adorn windows, car bumpers and hopeful fans. Boston is the capital of Red Sox Nation.

To show her pride, last night The Beauty Bug slicked her lips with the latest and greatest red, MAC’s Classic Dame which is part of the new Mattene Collection. When first applied, the color is a bit bright, especially if you’re not one who wears red lipstick often – but The Beauty Bug warmed up to it very quickly. She lined her lips with a deep burgundy color, and then applied the smooth Mattene formula. With pink undertones, the powerful red lipstick put an extra bounce in her step and some more sparkle in Her smile. Hey, not just any red is dynamic and dominant enough to be worn on such a celebratory, history-making night….

3 Responses to World Series Red

  1. Julie Fredrickson

    HA! Its a good thing I am not that dedicated of a Rockies fan (despite hailing from Boulder CO) or else I would be sporting some of MAC’s weirder purple shades!

  2. The Beauty Bug

    Haha Julie, The Beauty Bug would have suggested showing your Rockies pride on your nails instead of your lips! Purple nails can work!

  3. gviel

    I am a Yankee fan-all the way. Can’t even begin to think of wearing anything that in any way resembles red sox colors!!!!

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