MAC Holiday Giveaway

1193797962_1193797957_finery_bag03_s.jpgHanukkah came early this year for The Beauty Bug; today She received samples of MAC’s Holiday Collection. Knowing that the samples were supposed to arrive soon, She’s been running home from work everyday to see if that day was the THE day. Well, today was that day and so began the MAC holiday celebration.

She was so excited that She called most everyone She knew to spread the word. As soon as The Beauty Bug Boyfriend got home from work, She made him sit down so She could show him the goods.

“This will last you for like, years“, he stated innocently. The Beauty Bug began to laugh because the difference between the way males and females think was never so evident, because that was the first thing that came to The Beauty Bugs Boyfriend’s mind, because in the next near MAC is bound to come out with 15-20 more different collections, because no amount of MAC makeup is ever enough (any girl will tell you that), and because he was just speaking so honestly and bluntly – to Him, He was stating the obvious.

Because Her supply is quite substantial (it will not last Her years though), and because She’s always in a giving mood, The Beauty Bug is giving away Finery 3: Pink Lips – a silver antique-inspired clutch that contains 2 lipsticks (Snob Appeal and Blueblood) and one lipglass (Gentility). This limited edition set isn’t even in counters yet! Just leave a comment and tell The Beauty Bug which one of the MAC Holiday Collections you are most excited about. This contest ends on November 6th!

10 Responses to MAC Holiday Giveaway

  1. Lesha

    I really like the Finery collection. :)

  2. Alisha

    cant wait for the Finery collection in pink!

  3. Jaime

    Finery or Antiquitease, I can’t decide! :)

  4. purrtykitty

    hmmm, i’m a sucker for lippies, so definitely the finery collection.

  5. Daneen

    I love them all – they’re all so fabulously luxe! But if I had to choose, it would be Royal Assets. If I had one of those compacts, I would be touching up my makeup 24/7…the antique-inspired compacts are too adorable to hide in your purse, right?

  6. Jacke

    Hmmm, it’s a toss up between Royal Assets and Finery–I want them both!

  7. Trish

    I am torn between the antiquitease and the Royal Assets collections… I am a glitter girl, so I love the gold and silver, but the Royal Assets are just too beautiful not to have!!! Hmm. I guess I’ll just have to get them both!

  8. Nevin

    I have to say, the Royal Assets collection is amazing. The packaging itself is so luxurious…it makes you feel like you are royalty! And the eye palettes are not only gorgeous, but perfect for toting around in your purse or when you travel. They have different sets with different color schemes, but I’m loving the Metallics palette. Thanks for the giveaway…it’s awesome of you!

  9. Mommof3Irishboys

    well to be honest I have never tried MAC cosmetics and would really be happy to get a sample of anyone of them. I am fair skinned and red hair so which ever one you think I would benifit from would be great!!!


  10. Sam

    I love the antiquitease collection! So cute!

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