The Beauty Bug Presents “The Office” – New Max Factor Vivid Impact Highlighting Mascara

1193965513_1193965507_vi_mascara_product_shot.jpgThis week on The Beauty Bug Presents “The Office”, The Beauty Bug and her co-workers test a product that has yet to hit the shelves – Max Factor’s Vivid Impact Highlighting Mascara, a double-ended mascara that highlights the lashes and draws closer attention to a woman’s eyes. The defining basecoat, a regular mascara, lengthens lashes and adds volume, while the iridescent highlighting topcoat adds depth and a hint of color.

The application is as follows:

  • Apply the basecoat mascara
  • Wait for the basecoat to dry to be sure colors don’t mix
  • Apply the highlighting topcoat on the tips of the top lashes, and bottom if desired, to create an eye-popping highlights


  • For green or hazel eyes – try Burning Bordeux shade to make the color of eyes pop
  • For blue eyes – Try 24 Karat Brown to make Blue eyes pop and add a light, gold tint to lashes (need to emphasizes gold lightens lashes)
  • For brown eyes – All shades work, especially the black and pink combo to make eyes pop
  • For all – The most versatile is the black/silver combination when applied correctly above

Let’s it from the girls:

A: “Max Factor Vivid Impact mascara is not for the girl who appreciates a subtle look. The darker, base color is okay and if used alone could even bring out the green in hazel eyes but the brighter pinkish top coat was very unflattering. My advice is to save it for a holiday.”

M: “I was very excited to try the mascara but unfortunately, I was disappointed with it. I tried the 24 Karat Brown (brown base/gold topcoat)and thought it was going to have a subtle shimmer but instead it made my eye lashes blonde. I also didn’t think enough mascara was able to get on the bristles to coat my lashes. I wouldn’t purchase it.”

L: “The idea of a topcoat of vivid color on my lashes sounded fun so I tried the blue mascara with pink highlights. I was disappointed to find that both the mascara and particularly the highlighting end took many coats to take any noticeable effect. The pink actually seemed to detract from the impact of the lashes, almost making them seem blond or transparent in the light rather than colored. With the boldness of the colors, this product would need more staying power for me to want to use it when dressing up or going out.”

J: “I really didn’t like the mascara. When my eyelashes caught the light, I didn’t like the pinkish coloring, and thought that the blue/pink combo was a weird color pairing.”

L:“I like the blue mascara, not a fan of the pink. I put my regular black on first and then I use the blue and it opens and thickens my eyes and eyelashes. Big fan of the blue!”

BB: The Beauty Bug never thought She would have anything negative to say about a Max Factor mascara, but sadly, the day has come. Long-time readers know that The Beauty Bug is a big fan of Max Factor’s Lash Couture and that will always be Her stand-by. She really wanted to like the Vivid Impact because the idea is new, and what girl doesn’t want to draw more attention to her eyes, but unfortunately, She can not recommend this product. It should, however, be noted that most who tried the mascara only disliked the color pairings, not the mascara itself. The Beauty Bug agrees – the color combinations just aren’t compatible. The Beauty Bug wonders if her thoughts would have been different had She had tried the black/silver combination.

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  1. the Beauty Bug Boyfriend

    can I just say … best coworker EVER?

    I wish I regularly got free stuff from my coworkers … I get nothin’!

  2. Erika

    Do you know when Max factor is going to show the mascara on their website ? I’ve been looking for it for some time now…

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