Kissable Couture


Everyone knows that The Beauty Bug Boyfriend is the only man for The Beauty Bug – She would never ever dream of letting anyone else near her lips…until now.

Recently, Johnny, Tyler and Chris came into Her life, and now The Beauty Bug Boyfriend must share his precious Beauty Bug with 3 other men. He has no choice really – beautifully packaged and undeniably posh, The Kissable Couture line is the caviar of lip glosses. As luxurious as the name, each gloss is presented in a sleek black and silver box with a ribbon.

The glosses themselves are sheerer and a bit less frosted than they appear in the tube, and can be layered to achieve a stronger, more rich color. Not sticky or heavy, the formula is smooth and lightweight, and when applied looks more like the lighter of the 2 colors in the tube.

All this week, Chris has been coming to work with The Beauty Bug and She has been showing him off to Her co-workers. He even took a quick trip to NY with her yesterday – he’s the best travel companion. As it turns out, She won’t leave home with him now.

After having such success with Chris, Tyler, and Johnny – The Beauty Bug longs for some time with Forest and Eric – a girl can never have too many men like these in her life!

5 Responses to Kissable Couture

  1. The Beauty Bug Boyfriend


    I will fight them.

  2. Nevin

    I’ve been reading a lot about these lately…can’t wait to pick some up!

  3. Anna

    Where can you find these great looking lip glosses?

  4. Alarming Darling

    Forest looks like fun!
    Also, lol @ BB BF’s response. ^_^

  5. Beauty 365

    i’m dying to try these! i’ve read a lot of good stuff about them, too

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