The Beauty Bug Delivers…

otc_carmex.jpgOn a rather quiet and sleepy Sunday night, The Beauty Bug got a sudden burst of energy, sprang into action, and put on Her coat – She was going to Walgreens and CVS in search of the new cherry flavored Carmex! Those of you who have tried Carmex know it works miracles on dry, cracked, chapped lips. She had seen this new flavor earlier in the week in Her travels somewhere, and kept thinking about it, though She couldn’t remember where She had seen it. She needed it now more than ever – temperatures were really just starting to drop, Her lips were starting to chap, and She had just given The Beauty Bug boyfriend a tube of the original Carmex.

While furiously making Her way to both drugstores, The Beauty Bug sent a text message to her friend M and fellow Carmex-lover, “In search of the new cherry flavored Carmex”, She excitedly exclaimed, knowing that M would be just as elated as The Beauty Bug. Fans of Carmex are quite enthusiastic and passionate about “their” lip balm. M responded saying that she wasn’t even aware of this new flavor – The Beauty Bug was sure that this news made M’s night.

The Beauty Bug located the cherry Carmex at Walgreens and Her lips smiled. She purchased a tube for Her and for M and quickly sent M another text telling her that the mission was accomplished. Wanting M to be able to celebrate in the finding, The Beauty Bug offered to deliver M’s tube to her but unfortunately, M was out to dinner and will have to wait until tomorrow to get her tube.

The Beauty Bug has had Her tube for only about an hour now, and She’s already reapplied 3 times. She expects Her chapped, cracked, flaking lips to be fully healed by Tuesday.

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  1. Nevin

    This sounds great…I actually am using Rosebud Salve on mine and it’s working wonders….they sell this at Bath and Body Works, Sephora…and other places probably.

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