Don’t Break The Chain…

The Beauty Bug’s back – She would have sent you a postcard, but Thanksgiving was nothing too picturesque – just turkey, laundry, a couple movies, and family. She really hates when life and the holidays interfere with Her posting schedule, which is why She’s going to try to follow the practices of one Jerry Seinfeld. She was never a Seinfeld fan, but The Beauty Bug boyfriend is and shared recently shared Seinfeld’s philosophy with The Beauty Bug. Apparently, when he was an unknown touring comic trying to make it to the top, he knew the only way he could become one of the best was to have better jokes, and he would only obtain better jokes by writing – writing everyday. To make sure he wrote everyday, he bought a big wall calendar and a big red marker, and everyday he wrote, he’s put a big red X on that day. After a few consecutive red X’s filled his calendar, his job was simply not to break the chain. Inch by Inch.

From now on, The Beauty Bug hopes to not break the chain!

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