Send in the Clowns…

It’s rare that The Beauty Bug and The Beauty Bug Boyfriend go shopping together for a significant amount of time. What usually happens is that they have dinner together and She goes off on her way, and He goes to Best Buy or The Apple Store (one time He called it the MAC store, and the conversation proceeded; The Beauty Bug referring to THE MAC store, while The Beauty Bug Boyfriend was referring to The Apple store. When discussing important topics such as MAC cosmetics, clarification is key ladies.)

This past weekend while shopping together for the first time in a while, The Beauty Bug dragged The Beauty Bug Boyfriend 1196128500_1196128495_paint-roller-720832.jpg through Nordstroms so She could get her free Kinerase samples, then through Neimans so She could gawk at the Miu Miu’s that were going on pre-sale (She found the most perfect Miu Miu patent leather wristlet that She can’t stop thinking about), into Sephora so She could pick up this new Bliss Super-Spaah set, and finally through Macy’s. After a brief stroll through each department store The Beauty Bug Boyfriend had had ample time to familiarize himself with the women working at the cosmetic counters. Typically dressed in all black, with lipstick from ear to ear and foundation 3 shades too orange for them, The Beauty Bug boyfriend found himself staring in amazement at what he said resembled clowns. Finally, while in Macy’s, he stopped The Beauty Bug and questioned, “Do these women apply their makeup with a paint-roller?” He then proceeded to mimic the up and down motion of a paint-roller covering one’s face. The Beauty Bug started to laugh so loud that She swore the people in the next town over heard. She couldn’t help or control it. Her world stopped and She laughed for about two-three minutes straight. She most definitely scared away a lot of shoppers, woke a few babies, and set off an alarm system somewhere.

You must understand – The Beauty Bug Boyfriend is one of the most mild-mannered, gentle people She knows, so to hear this from Him must have meant that there were some extreme faces at the counters. The Beauty Bug just hopes he’s not too scarred because She’s dragging him back to the mall next weekend!

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  1. Nevin

    Seriously, I know they want to sell the products, but what makes them think we want to look like that!

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