1196214339_1196214334_hairmystery.jpgThe Beauty Bug’s a sucker for a good mystery. She has fond memories from her childhood of playing the original Clue for hours, before moving on Clue Master Detective; She was always Miss Scarlett. On any given Saturday night, you’ll find Her curled up on the couch watching 48 Hours, and of course She never ever misses an episode of CSI. In fact, if She could choose another career path, She’d either be a criminologist or a detective cooped up in a lab analyzing evidence, although, She’s sure a good smoky eye goes unnoticed in a crime lab.

The latest mystery to cause Her to scratch Her head is a hair mystery. The Beauty Bug will let you examine the evidence for yourself here. As you will read the background on the case is as follows: in the advance of the launch of a new product, a leading hair-care company is allowing Americans to try the new shampoo and conditioner for free, and then guess the brand. The secret identity of this mystery brand will be revealed on The Ellen Degeneres show on December 17th.

The Beauty Bug already has a hunch as to which brand is behind door number two, but She won’t reveal her guess until She’s sampled the product.

So, The Beauty is calling on all the Nancy Drews’ and Sherlock Holmes’ – what do you think?

4 Responses to Whodunit?

  1. Nevin

    I definitely think it’s Sunsilk!

  2. The Beauty Bug Boyfriend

    I KNOW WHODUNIT! Intrepid interweb nerds with girlfriends who know a lot about this industry should be able to find out ;).

  3. Catherine

    Ooo! I’m 99.8% per cent sure I figured this out. I took only a few minutes, and my guess resulted of firing up a fairly good eye for logos and symbols. Should I say my guess here? Or should I wait until you have tried it and told us what you think?

  4. Mommof3Irishboys

    I don’t know if I am suppose to say on here or not but I think it is Pantene and I may be way off but I thought I would put in my two cents “$$” haha.

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