Beauty Rut

Just like The Beauty Addict, The Beauty Bug has been in sort of a rut lately. Her life too has gone into overdrive, (between work, two brief trips to NY, the holidays, and shopping) and you can see it on Her face. She’s been slacking on her night time skin care routine, not getting enough sleep, not taking Her vitamins (but don’t tell The Beauty Queen), She hasn’t had a manicure in 2+ weeks, She’s not returning emails in a timely manner, (luckily her friend Stacey understood, and advised The Beauty Bug to just “go buy a new lip gloss) and She’s not even attempting to wear eyeshadow (just eyeliner!). Did The Beauty Bug just sounded like Shel Silverstein’s Little Peggy Ann McKay?

When She went home for Thanksgiving, She left her eye makeup remover there, and She’s been mindlessly forgetting to pick up another bottle. Instead, She’s been scrubbing 1196386500_1196386496_product_25_0.jpg and exfoliating extra hard, but there still seemed to be a little build-up of liquid eye liner on top lid, right at the lash line. This morning the build-up was too much to ignore, so She reached for the first thing She could find that would work, a package of Tess Face Wipe’s. Tess Skincare, a brand marketed to teens but suitable for any skin, is a “fluffy”, “frilly” brand with pink packaging and a very juvenile image. The wipes were not impressive nor were they very moist or moisturizing, and once The Beauty Bug opened the package to use one wipe, there was no way to close or re-seal the package to salvage the other wipes. The packaging clearly wasn’t thought out and should have been similar to a tissue box.

While The Beauty Bug had no use for the Tess Wipes and they ultimately ended up in the 1196385901_1196385897_1129_katie_holmes_hairdo_00-thumb.jpg trash, She did just try another new product that She predicts is going to be a keeper. Last night She opened up her sample bottle of Skyn Iceland’s Bio-Intense Healing Serum, a serum specifically created for skin that is constantly subjected to the stress of a high-octane lifestyle. Bingo – just what the doctor ordered! While She’s only used it once, She already noticed that Her skin has begun to slightly clear up, and the redness is slightly starting to diminish. She’ll give you a more complete report after some more continued use.

And finally speaking of beauty ruts, it’s clear that Katie Holmes isn’t experiencing one. The Beauty Bug loves her dark smoky eye, and natural, minimally glossy lip.The lip resembles MAC Spice lip liner, with a frosty gloss. Somewhere, Dawson is drooling.

3 Responses to Beauty Rut

  1. Nevin

    I can definitely relate! I’m trying to juggle Christmas shopping with work, and I’ll actually be heading to NYC in a few weeks so I’m busy planning for that.

    My personal favorite eye makeup remover is Lancome Bifacil.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Beauty 365 Blog

    ohhh, the beauty rut has hit us all – yikes!

    soon it shall pass though…

  3. Alarming Darling

    And I agree, Katie Holmes looks fabulous. I love her hair, makeup, everything!

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