Super-Spaah? Naaahhh….

1196642042_1196642037_bliss-274.jpgIn an effort to revive Her tired, dull winter skin and get Herself out of the rut She had fallen into, The Beauty Bug purchased the Bliss Super-Spaah Skincare set which includes their famed Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask and ‘The Youth as We Know It’ cream. She had high hopes for the mask especially, and thought that this would be the first step to getting her skin back on-track. The mask was praised on Ellen, and many beauty blogs and sites sang its praises.

The Beauty Bug applied the gel-like mask to Her face, and almost instantly the formula started foaming. This confused The Beauty Bug because the directions stated that once the mask began foaming and turning white, it was time to rinse it off. While the application process was easy, the smell was very pleasant and fruity, and the process of the gel turning to foam caused an interesting tingling sensation, the mask did absolutely nothing for The Beauty Bug’s skin. After about 3 minutes, the mask began to dissolve, and The Beauty Bug had no choice but to rinse it off 2 minutes early. The results were extremely disappointing – no glow, no brightening, no improvement whatsoever. Scanning through the reviews on Makeupalley, some say that this “mask” is also a cleanser, while others disagree. The Bliss wesbite says nothing about this being a cleanser, just promises ” a fresher, younger-looking face.” Don’t be fooled.

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  1. Alarming Darling

    The only Bliss mask I’ve tried is the Steep Clean mask — the one that’s yellow and blue and you mix them together. That one *rocks* for dull skin. It exfoliated and made my skin smooth. Highly recommend exchanging for that.

  2. Evie

    I’ve tried it as well and feel the same way. Apparently Clean & Clear makes a similar product as the mask and much cheaper!

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