While The Beauty Bug can speak a little Portuguese (ok, She knows 2 words) that was taught to her by The Beauty Bug Boyfriend, the word sunga is new to her vocabulary. The official definition is:

sunga - (noun) short trousers or pants worn by boys or men, especially the type used for swimming

However, chances are when that word is used here in the US now, it’s referring to a men’s Brazilian bikini wax. Christopher Hitchens, a British-American author, journalist, and literary critic was a “lucky”, brave man – he had a sunga as a part of his efforts to groom himself for a recent article for Vanity Fair. Part one describes his spa and yoga experiences at the Four Season Biltmore in Santa Barbara, CA, and part two details his 6-hour dental treatment to fix his “British” teeth, and the infamous sunga. He describes the process by saying “I had no idea it would be so excruciating. The combined effect was like being tortured for information that you do not possess…” Read his full description here (it’s the last paragraph on the page).

One thing is for sure, Christopher’s first-hand account of his experience won’t do much to help the sunga business…

2 Responses to Sunga

  1. The Beauty Bug Boyfriend


    I don’t care how brazilian it is, this “brasileiro” wants absolutely nothing to do with a male bikini wax. UH-UH! NO THX! AND DONT WANT!

  2. anne

    I had no idea about it.
    Here in Brazil, sunga is the male version for biquini, as you explained.
    The term “biquini wax” i knew but “sunga” to describe this process for men makes me laugh.
    I hope people don´t get angry with us brazilians while they are doing it ;)
    Congrats for your blog & visit me to learn more portuguese :)


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