Darphin Aromatic Renewing Balm

Not only is Boston buried in about a foot of snow right now; The Beauty Bug is also buried in mounds of tissues. She’s currently recovering from a lingering cold. She’s already went through an entire box of tissues, and even worse, She always seems to have to blow her now right after she’s applied her makeup. After days of blowing her nose, the skin around her nostrils has begun to peel, and it’s not a pretty site – She calls is nose dandruff. She knows what you’re thinking, and yes, it’s gross, no doubt about it.

1197672464_1197672460_da_d32e_200.jpgLooking for a quick fix, The Beauty Bug reached for her Darphin Aromatic Renewing Balm. She knew little about the product; only that it contained six essential oils, and vitamin E. She opened the jar and was pleasantly surprised at the citrus scent; the smell was very subtle, yet very calming and soothing. The balm is light and silky in texture, and absorbs into the skin very quickly. She applied the balm prior to applying Her makeup, and in a day and half Her little nose was no longer flaking and peeling.

A very versatile product, Darphin’s Aromatic Renewing balm can be used at in the morning under makeup, in the evening, or as The Beauty Bug used it – as a spot treatment on especially dry areas. On those bitter cold days The Beauty Bug carries the renewing balm around with Her to make sure Her skin doesn’t get chapped. It’s compact, and easy to apply – even without a mirror.

So, while the snow may still be here (and more is on its way), the Beauty Bug’s nose is cured, and She’s prepared for the extremely low temperatures that are here to stay.

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