The Beauty Bug Presents ‘The Office’ Body Shop Giveaway

1197945929_1197945926_sweet_chestnut_440x300.jpgFor the past 2 weeks, The Beauty Bug’s office has smelled like Sweet Chestnut Body Butter from The Body Shop at Home Collection. For once, it’s actually pleasant walking into The Beauty Bug’s office; upon arrival She’s greeted with the sweet aroma which has now become warm and familiar. The festive fragrance is just what The Office ordered – Boston is still covered from the 2 Nor’easters that hit this weekend, and The Office has a massive case of ‘winter skin’. The Body Butter has come to the rescue and the girls are thankful; The Beauty Bug has even had a few stop by Her office and ask “Does everyone else like the body butter as much as I do?” Find out for yourself…

L: “I’ve always loved Body Shop’s Body Butters and wasn’t let down by the new Sweet Chestnut! It left a great fresh yet subtle fragrance and of course amazing softness. Perfect for day to day use in our dry office.”

A: “I love the Body Shop Body Butter. It is moisturizing without being too greasy, perfect for winter dry skin. The “Sweet Chestnut” has a wonderful, sweet nutty scent but without being overpowering. Great gift for a friend or yourself!”

B: “I love it! I think the texture is great. It feels thick and heavy, yet absorbs quickly like a lightweight lotion and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling. It left my skin feeling moisturized, soft and smooth. I would definitely buy it!”

J: “I used the Sweet Chestnut Body Butter. The smell was a bit too sweet for me, but nonetheless very festive and light – it’s not a scent I would have picked myself, but I’m happy I got to try something different. The butter itself was really thick and moisturizing and stayed on my hands for a long time after I applied it….which is not an easy thing in this awful Boston weather!”

L: “OMG! I love the smell – it’s very light, fresh and unique, and the consistency of the butter is perfect – thick enough to be very moisturizing, but not too thick that it’s not absorbed by my skin.”

M: “The smell of the sweet chestnut body butter was amazing. I thought it went on very smoothly and it kept me moisturized all day.”

P: “OMG I love mine! It smells divine and so rich and luxurious! It’s one of the most, if not the most, moisturizing product I’ve ever used.”

The Body Shop Sweet Chestnut collection is available exclusively though The Body Shop at Home.

**For your chance to win a Sweet Chestnut prize pack, including the famous Body Butter, Shimmer Lotion, and Shimmering Bath Bubbles, simply leave a comment spreading some “sweet” Holiday cheer. A Winner will be chosen on Friday 12/21.**

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7 Responses to The Beauty Bug Presents ‘The Office’ Body Shop Giveaway

  1. KT

    How strong is the scent after you apply it? I love the body butters but certain family members are scent-sensitive.

  2. Renae H

    Happy Holidays! I would LOVE to win this! I LOVE anything that’s nutty scented. YUM! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Nevin

    What a great giveaway! The products sound fabulous. I wish everyone a fantastic and safe holiday season. May you all receive a sickening amount of beauty gifts!

  4. Lesha

    Thanks for the giveaway. I hope you have a wonderful holiday! :)

  5. Sarah

    Here’s wishing very happy holidays to the BB and her family and friends! Chestnut body butter sounds perfect for this dry winter season!!

  6. Debbi

    Have a sweet and safe holiday! As a fellow Bostonian, I agree with the winter skin epidemic from the bitter cold we’ve been having! I think some Sweet Chestnut would be just what the doctor ordered while digging out from these two nor’easters!

  7. Janene

    Happy Holidays to the Beauty Bug and all her buzz-y office mates. May you all stay gorgeous and sweet (smelling)this Winter.

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