The Beauty Bug Interviews Allure Beauty Director

The Beauty Bug had the pleasure of meeting Allure Beauty Directory, Amy Keller, at the first TotalBeauty blogger advisory board meeting in NY last month. The Beauty Bug, Amy, and other fellow beauty bloggers chatted over edamame, tea and bento boxes and gossiped about Britney (and the poor Allure editor that she stood up), and the latest and greatest drug-store deals. The typical questions were asked about the copious amounts of products that Amy receives on a daily basis; and visions of cabinet after cabinet overflowing with products filled the bloggers heads. With a desire to learn a little bit more about Amy and her fabulous job, The Beauty Bug wrote her, and she was kind enough to respond. Read on to discover the best in beauty from 2007, a look ahead to 2008, and how lipstick has overtaken gloss…

BB: According to many of the girls in The Beauty Bug’s circle, you have the best job in the world. What is your favorite part of the job?

AK: I love my job! I didn’t even know beauty editors existed when I moved to NYC from Missouri nine years ago. My favorite parts of the job include getting a glimpse of what’s going to be on the shelves months before it actually is; seeing ideas turn into full, beautifully shot (thanks to our creative director!) and thoroughly reported stories (Allure has the room to really flesh out the details of a topic, which are always the most interesting part); and having a strong relationship with the top dermatologists and chemists in the country. The science side of beauty products and treatments has always fascinated me.

BB: Like every girl, The Beauty Bug is sure your favorite products change weekly. What’s your mascara and gloss of the moment? 1198202704_1198202585_a8b0dd8400ed7bfc07bfb9dcfbbc9c83_medium.jpg

AK: At the moment, I’m pretty obsessed with Max Factor Volume Couture mascara. Makeup artist Pat McGrath extolled its values to Allure on more than one occasion, so I had to try it–and now I’m hooked. Favorite lipgloss now is TheBalm BalmShelter SPF 17 Tinted Gloss in Girl Next Door--an ideal pink that’s not too sheer. I also have to give a shoutout to M.A.C. Mattene Lipstick in Powersuit–it is the perfect red, with a touch of orangeso it looks really modern. It stays on for hours but because it’s a mix between matte and satin finishes, it goes on really smoothly and doesn’t crack on your lips. I always get tons of compliments when I wear it. It’s really bright, though, so I just wear mascara and a touch of blush with it.

BB: Sometimes, The Beauty Bug falls asleep with Her makeup on and forgets to put on Her nightly serum. What’s your worst beauty habit?

AK: I wish I was better at removing my makeup at night, too. I’m much better when I have cleansing wipes around. I love the Olay wet cleansing cloths because you can use them to remove mascara, too, without your eyes stinging–a lazy girl’s dream. I also let manicurists cut my cuticles once in a while, though I always feel guilty as soon as I agree to it.

BB: What were the top 3 beauty trends in 2007? Top 3 products?1198203370_1198203366_night_general.jpg

AK: Top three trends in 2007: The return of lipstick (mainly true red and hot pink, but the fact that lipstick overtook gloss was a big thing in the beauty world); the explosion of natural and organic products from big, traditionally more mainstream companies like Origins and Physicians Formula; and the bob! I’m proud to say I had a bob in the fall or 2006–a bob with bangs, even–and maybe even before Posh had hers. The top three products: RevaléSkin Coffeeberry products are huge news in the skin field–dermatologists can’t say enough good things about the antioxidant powers of coffeeberry. Maybelline New York Define-A-Lash Mascara–the flexible wand with rubber bristles is amazing. No clumping at all. And the finish is nice and glossy. And Prada Infusion d’Iris fragrance. It is so lovely–not too flowery or girly, a little powdery, sensual but not overwhelming. Love it.

BB: Looking ahead to 2008, any sneak previews of products and/or trends
that you can tell us about?

AK: The mineral-makeup trend continues in 2008, with launches from more major drugstore and department-store lines. You also will see the first at-mass cleanser with SPF. Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance has the cutest ancillary product coming out in the first few months of ’08. And glitter! Yes, it’s back–and gorgeous this time around (check out our February issue!).

BB: What’s the most underrated beauty product?

AK: The most underrated beauty product is probably a good blush. Even if you’re not wearing lipstick or mascara, a little color makes you look presentable. My latest blush favorite are the cream blushes from Lancome–they have a great texture that’s really soft and blendable.

BB: What’s the most common mistake that women make when applying makeup?

AK: Applying too much concealer to a zit! I’d rather just see the zit than a crusted-up lump of concealer.

BB: The Beauty Bug runs home after work everyday and one of the first things She does is wash her face. She also can’t go a day without washing her hair. What’s one part of your beauty regimen that you can never give up?

AK: Sunscreen! I can’t go outside without it.

BB: You’re stuck on a desert island – what 3 products do you bring with you?

1198203828_1198203810_neutrogena_ultrasheer_dry-touch_sunblock_spf_45-resized200.jpgAK: Sunscreen, again, tops the list. Probably Neutrogena Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 45 or 55 because you can wear it on your face or body, it sinks right in without leaving a greasy feel, and it has Helioplex, which I believe is the best sun protection out there (outside of maybe La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Sunblock SPF 60, although this version still isn’t FDA-approved). Or maybe I’d go for the Olay Definity foaming moisturizer with SPF so I’d stay young-looking for years (but lack of a mirror and companions might negate that fact). I’d probably bring those Olay cleansing wipes, too–a huge stash so I could feel clean. And lip balm–if only the Dermalogica AGE Smart Renewal Lip Complex had sunscreen, because it feels and tastes so great. Oh, and antibacterial hand sanitizer because I’m kind of a germ-phobe–I’m loving the new Vicks Foaming Hand Sanitizer because it smells good (light cucumber scent) and actually leaves hands feeling moisturized, not dry and tight, once you’re done using it. Oops, that’s too many things.

BB: When was the last time you went into a drugstore/Sephora, etc. and bought a product for yourself? What did you buy?

AK: I always forget to bring makeup remover with me when I’m traveling, so I often buy that at the drugstore–usually I get Maybelline Expert Eyes Oil Free liquid remover because I’ve been using it for years.

BB: Is it hard being loyal to products when receive new ones on a daily basis?

AK: I stay loyal to beauty products until something better comes along. I might put my old staples on the back burner for a while, but I come back to them when there’s a lull.

BB: Which celebrity has the best beauty style?

AK: I like that Gwen Stefani wears lipstick all the time and that she’s kept her complexion naturally pale–I met her at the launch event for her fragrance, and her skin is flawless. I like that Selma Blair is daring with her haircuts and color. There’s something about the messy smoky eyes that the Olsen twins often wear that I love. It’s disheveled but cool-looking.

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