Tales of a Red Christmas

originals.pngThe Beauty Bug and The Beauty Bug Boyfriend retreated to Connecticut for Christmas. Right before they left, just in the nick of time, a box arrived at their door that contained the must-have, quintessential holiday accessory, MAC’s Russian Red. Russian Red is part of MAC’s new ORIGINALS Collection, a collaboration of the new and the old – new textures and modified formulations of classic lipsticks, lipglasses, eye shadows and pigments. One of the rare instances where “new and improved” truly applies. She grabbed the lipstick and carefully placed it in the inner pocket or her purse where She could easily find it, now She was ready for Christmas.

About 2 hours and 100 miles later, The Beauty Bug and The Beauty Bug boyfriend were relaxing, spending their Christmas Eve watching E! News, when a segment came on about the perfect red lipstick. The Beauty Bug quickly grabbed the Tivo remote from The Beauty Bug Boyfriend, paused it, and exclaimed, “Bet you it’s MAC’s Russian Red!” The Beauty Bug eagerly hit play, and She was quite satisfied when the number one pick for red lipstick was revealed – just as She had suspected, the winner was Russian Red.

While most everyone hopes for a white Christmas, all the Beauty Bug wanted was a red Christmas. And She got it!

Head to the Mac counter to be reunited with all your old MAC favorites.  MAC Originals is on counters now through January.

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  1. HomeSpaGoddess

    You’re crazy:) I did a makeup tutorial using a Parrot dupe, HIP Bright Shadow Duo Showy. Check it out:


    Happy new year!

  2. Alarming Darling

    You have to tell us what you think of the new N Collection! I love the eyeshadows Remotely Grey, Dark Edge and Neutral Pink and the darkest lip gloss. And you?

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