Covergirl’s Lashblast vs. Maybelline’s Define-A-Lash

The Beauty Bug has been testing these 2 mascaras for a few weeks now because everyone needs a good drugstore mascara to fall back on; Her findings are below:

1199327844_1199327839_750td_xl.JPGMaybelline’s Define-A-Lash: The Beauty Bug first heard about this mascara while having lunch with fellow TotalBeauty bloggers, and Allure beauty director Amy Keller. Amy mentioned that she was impressed with it because the wand made it easy to get to those little pesky lashes in the corners. The Beauty Bug’s ears perked up and if She could have excused Herself in the middle of lunch to run to the nearest drug store to purchase it, She would have.

She finally purchased it. Amy was right, the tiny flexible rubber bristles make it easy to get into the hard to reach corners, and it offers impressive clump-free lengthening. The formula is light, and better suited for daytime as it isn’t a rich, dark hue that makes lashes pop. One other thing to note, The Beauty Bug wasn’t impressed with the flimsy wand that bent every which way every time She pulled it out of the tube. Applying mascara is hard enough; when the wand bends too much or isn’t straight, it’s just that much more complicated.

Bottom Line: Take some time to get used to the wand before you count this mascara out. It provides notable length, but leaves lashes just a bit to thin for The Beauty Bug to fully get behind it. Try this if you’re a Definicils girl – the result will be similar, but not exactly the same.

lashblast.JPGCovergirl Lashblast: While the other mascara’s unique brush allowed for corners to be covered, Covergirl’s Lashblast is completely different, yet unique as well. Its brush looks like the tip broke off in the mascara tube; it’s somewhat stumpy and just abruptly ends. The wand is more stable, the color is bolder, and the formula provides a good balance of lengthening and volumizing. The formula is also clump free, even after several coats, and provided The Beauty Bug’s lashes with that extra “pop” that the Define-A-Lash didn’t.

Bottom Line: Comparable to Max Factor’s Lash Couture, Lashblast is a great combination mascara that offers volume and length. Apply as many clumpless coats as you want – The Beauty Bug’s magic number is 3. Try this if you’re a DiorShow girl – the result will be similar, but not exactly the same.

The Beauty Bug chooses Lashblast over Define-A-Lash, but will keep them both in Her mascara repertoire!

4 Responses to Covergirl’s Lashblast vs. Maybelline’s Define-A-Lash

  1. Maria Palma

    Thanks for doing this review! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect mascara for quite some time now. Because I have very thin, barely-there eyelashes, I think I’ll try out LashBlast…

  2. HomeSpaGoddess

    So the lash blast is worth the money? I haven’t seen it for more than $6. I’m sick of buying mascara’s because of a new brush:(

  3. Abi

    I have the Define-a-lash and I love it! I’m not bragging, but I have thick lashes that only need some definition…but thanks for doing a Lashblast review!

  4. Alisa

    I LOVE lashblast mascara!!
    I add alot of coats and curl them so they looks like falsies :)
    the formula might flake a little but I wanted to find another mascara similar to Lash blast without having to go to department stores.
    :( somebody help

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