Brunettes Are Serious…And More Liked By CEOs

For those who don’t know, The Beauty Bug is a brunette, and very proud of it. Like any girl, of course there are things that She would change if She could, but her hair color is not one of them. She loves the combination of her pale skin and dark hair, and evidently, brunettes are making more of an impression on the workplace than people think…

Recently, Clairol conducted a survey where 1,000 women were asked about their perceptions of different hair colors.The results were surprisingly “colorful”; blondes may have more fun occasionally, but chances are, a brunette will come out ahead!

  • 67% of women said that if they were the CEO of a company and could hire only one woman based on her hair color, it would be a brunette. Beauty Bug, CEO. Has a nice ring, doesn’t it?
  • 76% of women believe brunette is also the best hair color to have for a job interview.
  • Over 2/3 of women surveyed associate brunettes with being the most serious. Serious, of course! The Beauty Bug means business…
  • 72% of survey respondents found brunettes to be the most trustworthy. Your secret is safe with The Beauty Bug..She’s listening…
  • 77% of women surveyed found brunette doctors to be the most trustworthy.

What do you think?

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