When to Judge a Product by its Packaging…


Today, during a quick trip to one of her most favorite stores, CVS, The Beauty Bug spotted these masks and She was stopped dead in her tracks. The Beauty Bug usually subscribes to idea that one should never judge a mask by its packaging, but this is the exception to the rule. The second these babies caught her eye, The Beauty Bug was petrified, frightened, mortified, baffled, appalled, terrified and even fascinated. The actual product could be amazing, but She’ll never know because She refuses to try it. She wants to meet the marketing exec who approved this branding/packaging, and understand their thought process when they were presented with these designs, and said “yes, that represents our brand accurately.”

Even The Beauty Bug Boyfriend was scared – He never gets scared.


4 Responses to When to Judge a Product by its Packaging…

  1. Heather

    I’ve gotten one of these as a stocking stuffer before. If only I’d had your good sense to judge by the packaging! It was a peel off mask that left my skin red and blotchy. So lame.

  2. margaret

    actually I like it/them. Everyone of the many I have tried are excellent. and I find the packaging creatively visual. but that’s me.

  3. Alarming Darling

    My boyfriend is frightened of the packaging too. Mostly it’s the eyes. The non-peeling ones are actually pretty good. There are hits and misses. I like the ones that aren’t self-heating either.

  4. sarahPUFFY!

    I like the warming ones. they made my face feel great and not tight and stuffy. I only wish the consistency was a bit thicker!

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