N is for Natural; MAC’s N Collection

1200619059_1200619055_ncoll.JPGAfter a very long, stressful, and busy week, The Beauty Bug came home last night to find MAC’s N Collection sitting on Her doorstep and suddenly everything was right again. All the stress and headaches magically disappeared. She had been waiting for this collection since She had previewed it online because it would compliment Her pale complexion perfectly. While each MAC collection always has its own charm and function, “N” is a bit more wearable and everyday compared the other recent MAC collections. The Beauty Bug views the collection as a muted version of Smoke Signals – the classic smoky eye can be achieved with select colors in this collection, while the others are natural and will help to achieve that no-makeup, flawless look.

The collection is subtle, yet sharp; basic, yet sophisticated. Seen all over the runways at The Spring/Summer Fashion Week – it’s classic; yet ripe.

Need help choosing your colors? If your budget only allows for select products, here are The Beauty Bug’s picks of the most wearable colors:


3N – A warm brown/tan shade, with the tiniest hint of pink – this lipglass is the most balanced, and most flattering of all.


Rich Flesh – Most every woman has a natural base color in their makeup collection, so opt for Rich Flesh, a warm, chestnut shade.


5N – A gorgeous plummy sheer brown, this lipstick can hold it’s own without any other makeup.


Naturally Rich – You’re speaking with a Beauty Bug who seldom strays from dark shade, even in the summer, so this deep brown fits the bill very well.


Brownborder – This deep brown compliments the natural brown eyeshadows perfectly.


Creamola – Very versatile. Just as usable and handy as MAC’s Spice Lipliner, Creamola is a keeper.


Groundwork – Pair this with a natural base for the perfect smoky eye. Adjusting the intensity of the smokiness is easy because the paint is pliable.

What are your picks?

3 Responses to N is for Natural; MAC’s N Collection

  1. Ingrid

    I got the lipstick in 2N a couple days ago, I’ve been looking for the perfect nude “concealer” style lipstick for nearly a year. It’s non-drying, and you can’t beat MAC’s quality or pricing. (For the record I have super pale skin w/ warmish undertones and grey eyes.)

  2. Michelle

    I use 2N Lipglass and I love it. It’s perfect for my complexion ( between olive and caramel). The eye shadows don’t do any justice for me, but I do have the dark brown eyeshadow and use it as my day time eyeliner (it also compliments my brown eyes). Gotta love MAC!

  3. Alarming Darling

    I LOVED the darkest Lipglass — 4N? I also liked Neutral Pink slightly above the crease, Dark Edge in the crease, and Remotely Grey on the lid.

    I did find that Neutral Pink and Remotely Grey were SO low in pigment that it was actually kind of difficult to do, as opposed to making it more foolproof. Dunno how that happened.

    And I like the… something Ochre paint pot. (Soft Ochre?) It’s a good base, I think, and if I wear it alone I kinda get that “off-white eyeshadow” effect, but not in a bad way.

    I’ll have to try the Rich Flesh shadow and the Groundwork paint pot, though, because honestly, while I liked the 3 shadows I described, they weren’t the end-all be-all of MAC, and I love the collection in general.

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