The SAG Awards By Numbers

6:25PM: Debbie Matenopoulos forgets The Office’s Jenna Fischer’s name mid-interview, and calls her Julie. The Beauty Bug and The Beauty Bug Boyfriend share a laugh – let’s face it, it’s Debbie Matenopoulos – are you surprised?

6:45PM: Juliana Rancic and Ellen Page share an awkward moment when Juliana asks Ellen what kind of shoes she’s wearing, and she doesn’t know. Juliana “consoles” Ellen after making her feel stupid, and tells her that at least she’ll know for next time.

7:21PM: Right before cutting to commercial Debbie M. announces, “Brad and Angela just got here!” The Beauty Bug never thought She’s day this, but where’s Ryan Seacrest when you need him? At least he’s prepared. jk2.jpg

7:27PM: The camera pans to Diane Lane’s rather manly haircut, and The Beauty Bug cringes. And cringes. It seems as though her and her husband, Josh Brolin, have the same ‘do. Gross.

7:33PM: Woody Harrelson appears high as he chats with Juliana.

8:12PM: Barely 12 minutes into the show, and The Sorpranos have already won 2 awards. Is anyone else sick of them?

8:20PM: The Beauty Bug gasps as William Petersen makes him way on to the stage. He looks dashing in all black.

8:23PM: Vanessa Williams seems disappointed as she reads the winner for Best Ensemble Cast, Drama. The Sorpranos win their third, and hopefully last, award of the night.

8:27PM: Marion Cotillard takes to the stage, and The Beauty Bug names her Best Dressed of the evening thus far. Her makeup is fresh and glowing, and the hint of shimmer on her eyes is just enough to draw attention without being overbearing. Worst Dressed is Jane Krakowski – she’s in a category all her own. Worst hair goes to Amanda Bynes by a long shot.

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  1. Nico

    I agree. I never thought that I would miss Ryan Secrest but those 2 ladies were horribly unknowledgeable and snooze worthy. Juliana is like a socially awkward robot, at least Debbie tries. She looked good for a change. Not her usual anorexic, orange skinned, bleached out hair look.
    And was Krakowski wearing pom poms?

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