Let The Beauty Bug Be Your Valentine Contest

Most Valentine’s Day holidays are full of expectations…and then disappointment….

  • The US Greeting Card Association estimates that women purchase 85% of all Valentine’s Day cards that are sold.
  • 41% of men tend to forget the romantic significance of Valentine’s Day. (OK, so the Survey is a few years old, but The Beauty Bug is sure the number has only increased since.) Note: This does not include the men who forget the Holiday all together.
  • Nearly 50% of all Valentine’s Day cards are purchased in the 6 days prior to the observance, making Valentine’s Day a procrastinator’s delight. (Source: Hallmark research)
  • In a recent survey conducted by Jewelry.com, nearly half the women surveyed noted that what they expected was ‘disappointment’ or ‘something he picks up last minute’.
  • 15% of women send themselves flowers on Valentine’s day – the secret is out!

In an effort to do Her part and help reduce these statistics, The Beauty Bug wants you to be Her Valentine! Whether you don’t have a Valentine, or your Valentine just doesn’t understand your needs (for mounds and mounds of beauty products), The Beauty Bug has come to the rescue… with lots of lip gloss, perfume, and hair products! Beginning tomorrow February 1st, through Valentine’s Day (weekends excluded), The Beauty Bug will give away a product each day that will help beautify, pamper, and fulfill your Valentine’s Day wishes.

Giveaways include products from Philosophy, Prescriptives, Kissable Couture, Elizabeth Arden, Victoria’s Secret, Peter Thomas Roth, Herbal Essences and more!

Entering is easy – one comment left equals one entry. Please only enter once per day, making sure to provide a valid email address. Winners will be announced the follow day.

Happy 2 weeks before Valentine’s Day!

10 Responses to Let The Beauty Bug Be Your Valentine Contest

  1. Christy Vines

    Dear Beauty Bug, please be my Valentine…! Mwah.

  2. Lola

    Oooo what fun!

  3. Beverly Stewart

    Dear Beauty Bug,
    I desperately need a Valentine! Please be mine. Hugs and kisses,


  4. Leah

    Beauty Bug, the Queen bee has convinced me to enter!

  5. Ellen

    Oh, I need a valentine- or something to get the attention of that boy that I’ve been eying for the past few weeks!

  6. shoppingsmycardio

    happy, happy valentine’s day!

  7. Ashley B.

    Happy Valentine’s! Thanks for the fun.

  8. Leigh

    I need something besides a bottle of red wine to get me through V-Day!

  9. Nicole W.

    My night will be spent washing my hair, make me look lovely the day after V-day ;)

  10. Alarming Darling

    Other than joking that he buy me the Miu Miu shoes I want (not even remotely possible) I haven’t said anything to my lovely boyfriend.

    I wonder if he will get me flowers or something? And oh God, what do I get HIM? It’s an issue alright.

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