The Beauty Bug Presents The Office: Maxalicious Glitz and Glaze Lip Gloss

1201751979_1201751976_lip_lipgloss_glaze.jpgWhat do you get when you put 8 beauty crazed women in a room with 12 tubes of Maxalicious Glitz and Glaze lip gloss? One chaotic scene of grabbing, yelling and that raw excitement that lip gloss always generates among women. Which would be lucky enough to try 2, and which would be unlucky and have to settle for just one shade? It was just another day in The Beauty Bug’s Office…

Maxalicious Glitz and Glaze lip glosses are a collection of 25 shimmery glosses (13 Glitz shades and 12 Glaze shades) full of shine and flavor. The collection is broke down even further into “naughty” and “nice” shades; the naughty glosses are a bit darker, more intense, deep colors, and the nice glosses are a bit more natural and neutral. As I’m sure you can guess The Beauty Bug chose 2 naughty shades, and one nice…for a good balance. Here’s what the rest of the office chose:

L: I had a “naughty” shade — Too Much Wine. I love this gloss! As someone who prefers gloss to lipstick any day, this has the perfect amount of color to wear day or night. It also has a great texture and tastes delicious! I want to try other shades.

B: My color was the NICE #130 (Spring Fling). Overall I really, really like this lip gloss a lot and would definitely buy it in additional colors. I think that the shade has just the right amount of color, not too dark but not too pale. I like that it has a very natural look but is shiny enough to make an impact. As far as the texture and overall feeling of it, I would almost consider it like a balm – after several uses it has kept my lips feeling moist and really soft. It also has a pleasant smell and taste, almost fruity. Definitely 2 thumbs up on this one!

P: I tried the naughty shade Girls Night Out. I really like this lip gloss… I love the consistency, taste and the shine. It’s one of those glosses that you can keep applying all day and it won’t cake up. Another huge plus was that the taste never annoyed me. Just one little note, I wish it had a tinge more color to it. I found it to be almost colorless and I like a little bit more of a tint to my gloss. However, if you’re just looking for shiny lips, it’s fabulous.

A: I really liked the way the lip gloss gave a hint of shine but still felt and looked very natural. The taste was also pleasant, not overpowering like many of the lip products on the market. At such a good price, too, I’d definitely buy it!

L: I tried the naughty shade “Stood Him Up”. The color is sheer, yet very sexy, and it’s the perfect pink to pair with an all black outfit. It smells great, it super shiny, and makes my lips feel smooth.

J: I tried out the Maxalicious Nice gloss. Although it wasn’t the most moisturizing gloss to help combat this cold New England weather, the color was great. I don’t like to wear a lot of color on my lips, so the fact that it was sheer and subtle was excellent! I also really appreciated how the lip gloss wasn’t at all sticky. No one likes their hair sticking to their lips as they battle the wind of Boston!

M: I tried both a naughty and a nice gloss, and preferred the naughty shade, a clear sparkly gloss with a lemon scent. This naughty gloss also seemed to have a thicker, stickier consistency, which I like!

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