Let The Beauty Bug Be Your Valentine Contest – Day 2

c47123-resize.jpgA quick language lesson…

el beso – The Kiss

le baiser – The Kiss

o beijo – The Kiss

il bacio – The Kiss

Love comes in all shapes and sizes – big, small, short, tall, or a cute red tote filled with Borghese products

Because a women’s love for her precious products is sweet, Borghese created Sweet Love Valentine’s Day Gift Set. The set includes Il Bacio Eau de Parfum Spray, Il Bacio Bath and Shower Gel, Il Bacio Body Lotion, Mini Labbro Più Paffuto Lip Plumper, and B Moisture Advanced Care Lipcolour in Bistro. A fragrance that celebrates the joy of love with a fruity, floral, sensual essence, Il Bacio is composed of lavish natural essences that begin with Rose, Freesia, Jasmine and Bergamot and end with sensual Amber, Musk and Sandalwood oils.

The Beauty Bug has one piece of advice for the lucky lady who wins this Borghese set. Recall what a famous designer once said when she was asked where one should use perfume; “wherever one wants to be kissed” she responded.

TO ENTER TO WIN this Sweet Love Borghese Valentine’s Day Gift Set, leave a comment on this post. A winner will be announced on Tuesday, February 5th.

10 Responses to Let The Beauty Bug Be Your Valentine Contest – Day 2

  1. Ingrid

    Kiss in Italian is “baccio”, with two “c”s… sorry to nitpick, but I’m an Italian major (double major actually, with economics). So I guess that’s my comment!


    How cute!

  3. Hana

    Yay, a chance to win stuff from a company I’ve been wanting to try!

  4. Mikki

    I really think that we should be enrolling, no enlisting our other halves in web sites like these, we find out about all the fab products on the market but I mean really, how much effort do they make for us? If we hooked them up to the sites we like, than come Valentines, birthday, anniversary, or how about I’ve taken care of you for the last 365 days of yr. (picking up, cleaning up, nursing you back to health, not even to get started on kids!(his offspring too) but then they would know what we really want ladies, to feel like a lady, we might not all be able to afford Dior and Prada as part of our life, but to indulge every once and a while would be nice, and with this I say let us feel like ladies once in a while, PAY ATTENTION to what I really want for Valentines and give me Make up, perfume and skin care products, but the good stuff guys, the stuff from these sites, make us feel like a million dollars, a few products from here will go along way, and it won’t cost you a fortune to make us feel like a million, I SAY ‘TREAT US WELL NOW FOR VANENTINES DAY AND WE WELL RETURN THE FAVOUR TONIGHT”!!!!!
    Now that is money well spent!

    So PLEASE pick me I need to be pampered!

    Mikki (In love on Valentines day)

  5. Heather

    This stuff looks so nice!

  6. Sarah

    Il y a eu longtemps puisque quelqu’un me donne un baiser alors choisir-moi s’il vous plaît si je peux augmenter ma chance!
    Merci Beaucoup!

  7. David

    I’m in the doghouse and the Beauty Bug may be able to help !

  8. Anon

    My vote is that you give it to Sarah. She left you a comment in French…This girl is getting ready for some romance. ;)

  9. Girl and the City

    Looking forward to Valentine’s already! :-)

    xox Girl and the City (in Paris)


  10. Raha

    pick me pls

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